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Ahem. I’ve criticized Sean Bielat for knowing jack about health care: He’s really into repealing a law which he knows nothing about. At least he opens his mouth to make that apparent to all. However, I note that Team Bielat tweets:

Joe Kennedy III seems to have an issue with “Issues”. There are none on his website. –Team Bielat

Uh, yeah, that seems to be true.

So I hear this Kennedy fellow is related to someone who used to be famous. I don’t see why that should matter one whit to anyone. I hear he’s an impressive young man. That’s good, but Massachusetts is chockful of impressive young people; it’s kind of a local specialty.

As far as I can tell, the fourth district has on one hand a candidate who knows nothing; and on the other hand one who says nothing. Please someone, send me a scouting report that tells me I’m wrong.

And JKIII, throw us a bone to demonstrate your issue literacy. Yeesh.

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  1. When I was in Rockport

    I saw another Democrat sport a JKIII for Congress support button pin on his collar. He was glad to hear that Joseph Kennedy III was campaigning in Newton and other towns within the district he would serve.

  2. Ouch!

    I looked at his website. I’d like to call myself a supporter.

    There is nothing there about his position on any issues. Lots of ways for me to give money (does a Kennedy heir really need my cash?), lots of ways for me to volunteer — nothing about anything of substance.

    Thankfully, I don’t have to have a horse in this race (I will happily vote for my incumbent Representative Mike Capuano). Nevertheless, I do wish he would offer something we Democrats might hang a hat on.

  3. I've worked on a lot of campaigns,

    and I’ve written a lot of policy papers – I mean dense, lengthy (30 pp. +) white papers with draft legislation, outcome benchmarks and cost/benefit projections, etc. As far as I can tell, nobody ever read them other than the candidate (if I was lucky) plus a few invested/interested parties, and the released versions had absolutely no electoral impact. Only wonky liberals like us give a shit about this stuff. The sad truth is that elections aren’t about policy specifics. They’re about personality and grand charismatic metaphors. The lesson I’ve learned? – get over it, be sexy, be dramatic and work to win. THEN do your job and crank out the policy papers.

    • Generalities would be fine

      Surely there’s a middle ground between nothing at all and “dense, lengthy (30 pp. +) white papers”.

      Just saying …

    • That's how I vote

      Especially in local elections and party primaries. I go to all candidates’ websites and read their position papers. If a candidate doesn’t say what he plans to do in office, or, in some cases, has no website at all, I will try to find out that information from news sources, etc, but it does mean they’re less likely to get my support.

      I also write summaries which I distribute fairly widely, so even people who are unlikely to do that may be influenced by my writings.

  4. Not that we wonks don't have a role to play ...

    JKIII should just log on here and take some questions.

  5. Just like Dad

    Brings back memories of Joe Kennedy II’s first run for Congress in 1986. I remember going to one of the early debates in a crowded field, where Joe was a frequent no-show. No matter, he coasted to victory anyway. I was a disappointed George Bachrach supporter and soured on the Kennedy name (except Ted) from then on.

    The whole Kennedy dynasty thing is just so completely antithetical to progressive politics — I just don’t get it. Politics should be about taking the right stands and fighting the good fight for the people who need to be fought for. What the hell does this have to do with who your grandfather was?

  6. Sigh.

    Adding this kind of stuff to his website was one of only two things I asked him to do when I met him at a meeting on March 12. (The other was to take a picture with me.) He said it was coming soon. I hadn’t checked, and I’m very sad to see that it’s not happening. At that meeting he gave a great little talk about opportunity and taking care of everyone, especially those who need it the most, but it seems to me he’s gotta back it up with something deeper.

  7. What is JKIIIs incentive?

    Brings back memories of Joe Kennedy II’s first run for Congress in 1986. I remember going to one of the early debates in a crowded field, where Joe was a frequent no-show. No matter, he coasted to victory anyway.

    Seems like thats the same strategy here. He has no primary opponent, the incumbent endorsed him, and it’s going to be Pennsylvania Tea Party candidate v. a Kennedy in Massachusetts. Does anyone really doubt he won’t have a 90-100% liberal voting record on every issue like his cousin Patrick or his father or late great uncle did? Really people its our fault, we make it easy for them to take us for granted.

  8. To be fair

    Right in his announcement video he does address some issues that give me a pretty decent idea of five broad topics that seem to outline his approach:

    -Fight for a fair jobs plan. Rebuild infrastructure, create 21st energy economy, and finance innovations that promote growth.
    -Fight for an education system that prepares our citizens for high skilled, good paying jobs.
    -Fair tax code.
    -Fair housing policy.
    -Equality and fundamental rights.

  9. An alternative...?

    Here’s an idea… how about a 40 year resident of MA4 with new ideas running against Joe 3.0 in the democratic primary? Take a look at http://www.herbrobinson.com

    Follow, like, volunteer, donate… you know the drill.

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