Monday hand-wringing

Four things I am worried about, which I feel free to mention since it’s only April. Not worried about providing too much oppo ammunition this time of year.

  • JKIII: I smell another Coakley; no issues, no focus, gosh didn’t we all love Ted? Okay, so Sean Bielat is not particularly strong, has ideas people hate, and doesn’t have much money, but I really don’t want to back into this seat.
  • John Tierney: Because I’m sure you all can tell me about what a legislative superstar he’s been; and how visible he’s been in his district. Somebody please tell me that.
  • Elizabeth Warren: Because it will be a tough race against Mr. “Go Sox!!!!” himself. I mean, people love the Sox, don’t they? And the Celts. And the Bruins. No one loves sports more than Scott Brown. And we all love sports. And Scott Brown. And sports. Go CeltsScottBrownSox!!!
  • This Patriots’ Day, “April’s Breeze” is pushing 90 degrees. And just as Barry Bonds’ 73 homers had nothing to do with “the cream” or “the clear”, I’m sure today’s weather has nothing whatsoever to do with general global warming. Just another 500-foot shot into McCovey Cove. Oooh, aaah. I really really hope nobody freakin’ dies today in the Marathon. Yeesh.


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  1. Re the Sox,

    between Scott Brown’s hilariously getting caught out (pun intended) for his ad saying we should never move Fenway Park while having advocated moving the Sox to Foxborough while in the state legislature, and Warren’s not only shaking hands “in the cold” at Fenway Park but also showing up for the home opener (see photo below, from a campaign email that arrived today), I’m not super-worried. It’s always a concern, of course, but lately it’s seeming to me that Scott Brown is rattled enough – perhaps by having his ass thoroughly kicked in fundraising for two straight quarters – to be making dumb mistakes like the Fenway Park ad.

    • Re: jk3 and tierney

      I wouldn’t be worried about JK3 losing, he is another Coakley though and will be a lazy legislator and campaigner but a telianle liberal vote. Won’t be a major figure like Frank but he has his last name to ensure headlines and a 10-15 year hold on the state until he gets bored, toys with running statewide, realizes that’s hard work and outside of his district dominated by returnees and diehard Dems Kennedy’s have to warn votes he will quit for the private sector just like his old man. He won’t lose, the district is a lit more liberal than the state and Bielat a lot more conservative than Brown.

      On tierney

      This guy goes to every wake in Salem and every thanksgiving football game, he is a visible presence in the district. So is his opponent but I suspect coattails will save him just as they elevated him in 98. Your just sad Charley since neither race has inspiring candidates but that’s real politics for you.

      • I don't think that is fair

        [JK3] will be a lazy legislator

        From all accounts that I’ve heard from people who have met or worked with Kennedy, he’s come off as a very earnest, hardworking person. I’m not involved with the campaign at all, but I do get frequent notices when he has an event in Newton, so even if he’s not making headlines in the Globe, it does seem like he’s campaigning.

      • When Ted Kennedy was first elected

        people were making very similar criticisms: elected because of his family name, would never be a major figure.

        Although JK3 has not stated many positions, I am cautiously optimistic. Hopefully he won’t follow his father’s example of supporting the death penalty and the flag amendment.

      • That is bunk

        JoeK3 is working hard in this race. He’s been all over the district. He is talking issues. I heard him recently at a Wellesley event and he was really eloquent and talked about rebuilding infrastructure, supporting the affordable care act, energy policy, etc… Coming out for Obamacare is not something he has to do in this race but he did. I am not sure you know what you are talking about. I was skeptical when he got in too, but am quickly being disabused of that.

        • glad to hear

          I do wish he’d update his website with such well-considered, thoughtful positions. And I wish I’d read more about that in the “papers”, though that’s not necessarily his fault.

          I don’t like coronations. I want him to earn it.

      • A what?

        What is a telianle liberal vote?

        • Reliable

          I did a web search for “telianle” and it replied, “Did you mean reliable?” Having seen this, it’s now clear that “telianle” is a double-type (T next to R on the keyboard and N next to B), but I had no idea before I searched, either.

  2. Where I'm less worried

    • JKIII: There are a lot of reasons Coakley lost, and that horse has been beaten to death, but I don’t think issues is a reason. Voters care about values. The reason the Kennedy name resonates in this state isn’t that he’s a celebrity, it’s that voters believe they know what a Kennedy stands for. Kennedy will have to reinforce that once voters are paying more attention. $1.2M gives him a huge advantage to do that work on the air this fall.

    • Warren: Coakley’s sports problems were giving the impression of not working hard (not shaking hands at Fenway), and being a phony (Talking about Schilling when she had no idea who he was). MA voters care about sports and want their politicians to have a clue, but I don’t believe they are looking for sports fans to vote for. The most important aspect of sports for politicians is being authentic. Don’t fake it. It’s way too easy to tell.

    • After a warm winter, it looks like we’re heading into a warm spring, and what may be an absolutely brutal summer. This one day doesn’t prove it. The last 6 months scare me, though.

  3. Tierney is everywhere.

    I can testify to that both from personal experience and hearing about it from constituents. Now he’s working hard to introduce himself to the new towns he acquired via redistricting.

    • Tierney

      Lots of people locally have given up on him and wonder why he is even running again. People only see him at election time which is why the other guy has become an acceptable alternative even to some democrats here in Salem. That’s not a good sign.

  4. Tierney constituent and JK3 Supporter

    I live and vote in John Tierney’s District and no one I know has “given up” on him. The opposite is true. Congressman Tierney is everywhere in the District, talking about job creation, meeting with seniors and students – all things he has done on a regular basis since he was first elected.

    I’m not at all worried about Tierney’s re-election. He votes for unemployment benefit extensions and against tax breaks for millionaires. And John campaigns on issues. Unlike the Republicans, John won’t be putting up a website attacking his opponents family instead of stating issues positions.

    I’ll be working hard for JT not because he is in trouble but because he has earned re-election with his hard work for the District.

    As for JK3. A member of my union is running for State Rep in the same area as JK3 is running. JK3 is at house party after house party, event after event, meeting voters, answering questions. He’s work hard to take his campaign to the street and he’s achieving creditability based on that day-to-day work.

  5. JKIII Mystery Solved

    Filling in the details.

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