Occupy Boston Camp Charlie update: At 8:00 PM 4/9/12, I was making peanut butter sandwichs – at 8:20 police showed up and said “You have an hour to leave”

                                       Photo tweeted from Camp Charlie at 8:20 or so on April 9, 2012

Tonight I took down lentil soup, and made peanut butter and jelly sandwichs with friends, and talked about whether or not regional jealousy would torpedo H 4011 (on which Occupy the MBTA had filed a white paper and testimony) and infusion of $51 million into the MBTA.  When I checked online, the Twitterverse had lit up – the peaceful scene I had so recently left had totally changed.  This line of police suddenly appeared and told everyone onsite they only had one hour to pack up and be gone – the “or else” for the people and their possessions was implied.  However, the Occupiers were peaceful and mature and cooperative, even Fox News reported that.  In fact, according to both Fox News, and the Occupy the MBTA website, reoccupation is promised, and scheduled.

As Occupy the MBTA stated, just hours after they had testified before the Joint Committee on Transportation, State Police notified Camp Charlie’s Occupiers that they were being evicted by federal authorities, no less than the Secret Service.  Are we seeing the early states of implementation of HR 347?  The Occupiers were given only an hour to vacate by the federal authorities, but the State Police and DCR supplied 3 trucks, and leant a hand, so all puppets, sleeping bags, signs, food supplies, etc. were transported safely to Occupy’s storage locker off site.

The Occupiers stood across the street afterwards, and recited the first amendment using the “mic check” call and response.  Quite a change from last weekend’s teach-in with Mike Prokosch and Grace Ross, as well as the candle light vigil on the State House steps.  All are invited to the re-occupation after the Secret Service removes its cages and moves off site tomorrow evening.  But, really, other than Camp Charlie, who is willing to call out the Big Dig culture and Beacon Hill?


For updates, I suggest following the website for Occupy Boston and its ally, Occupy the MBTA.


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  1. Through the Looking Glass world

    Thanks to a report in this morning’s Herald (I note that the Globe is again asleep at the switch), we learn that the Secret Service requested the protesters to move across the street to the Common in preparation for today’s visit by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. According to the report, the protesters will be allowed to return “to their previous positions” after today’s visit. So we apparently have this topsy-turvy looking-glass world where the police helped the protesters move their belongs across the street, all to accommodate a foreign dignitary.

    I’m not sure this exactly what the authors (and critics) of HR 347 had in mind — but perhaps the police were seeking to avoid a politically embarrassing (to President Obama and Governor Patrick) confrontation.

  2. Amber, your letter to the Editor in this morning's Herald was spot on.

    I don’t personally know that many so-called liberals, but you are one person who walks the walk. You should be running for office because of your tireless efforts and energy in support of the average person. Count me as one of your ardent supporters and admirers.

  3. Oh this letter?

    Here is the letter. Enjoy.

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