Ours is a very bad AG

Gee you don’t suppose that the huge hooplah over this:

Timothy Cahill Indicted in Corruption Case

has anything to do with this:

Coakley Intends to Seek Third Term as Attorney General

Oh, and while I am piling on, and even though this is a wee bit stale:

I would like to point out that my comment in this thread turned out to be largely accurate.

It is almost as if she is using her office to advance her own political prospects.  I wonder if she should indict herself.


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  1. Thank you CMD ...

    The AG should not go after predator banks and should continue to look the other way on corruption. Thanks for the post.

  2. I fixed the links

    Details in your other post.

  3. "if one wanted to be perverse"

    Did you see the Globe story yesterday on the “fine line” Cahill faced? It brought up this angle but dismissed it away, quoting George Brown, a professor at Boston College Law School and former chairman of the State Ethics Commission:

    “One could say, if one wanted to be perverse, that Attorney General Coakley was taking advantage of her office by holding a press conference to announce an anticorruption investigation that would be a benefit to her,’’ he said.
    Brown said he was making no accusation but illustrating a broader point. “It’s very hard to disentangle the advantages of incumbency and separate what is proper and improper,’’ he said.

    I wonder if the writer or Brown read EB3′s BMG thread before writing this story, where Ernie and I both brought this up, and thought, those guys are just perverse. Oh well thanks Globe. Not.

  4. Promoting ethics and fighting corruption

    are important, but at the municipal level, it’s mostly crap.

    Take a stupid online test until you pass it. (I admit I enjoyed it, but other people may have a life). If you don’t take it, print out your certificate, and turn it into the town clerk in my case, nothing happens.

    Call for an opinion on a situation and they’ll always tell you to say something. I had to vote to award a permit for a gravel permit. My electrician is the brother-in-law of the property owner. I had to read a letter at the hearing.

    Meanwhile, there’s no dent in corruption or ethics breaches as far as I can tell. And Beacon Hill fails to make itself accountable.

  5. Cahill Indictment is about Running

    Martha Coakley says she’s running for another term as AG. She won her last election after losing the US Senate race and won it easily. The Boston Globe says she is the most popular elected official in Massachusetts. Apparently she is doing more than enough right. Don’t see how the Cahill indictment is some great stepping stone to re-election (or higher office).

    Get over it. Martha Coakley is an effective and well liked AG.

  6. Cahill Indictment is about Running?

    Forgot the ?????

  7. Not a bad AG, just an AG...

    Martha may not be a “bad AG”, she may just be an AG…doing what politically elected AG’s do…politically elected people, once elected, must think of ways to get their work noticed by the public…Martha chose to use indictment press conferences to do so and TV spots starring her to do it…she is no different than Steve Grossman cruising the state to get in local papers giving away lottery money or “unclaimed” money as if it belongs to him…or Bill Galvin making scads of TV spots starring himself telling people to vote or putting his picture on brochures displayed at every Post Office (his predecessor Mike Connolly made this self-promotion an art form)…or Congressmen who spend federal tax dollars printing and franking “newsletters” under the guise of public information…

    AGs do not go on to become Governors or Senators in Massachusetts for a reason…what makes a person an acceptable AG, makes them a terrible campaigner and would result in an even worse administrator/legislator…

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