Probation Scandal West: Hoffman to Plead Out…

People like to say its the cover up makes a scandal go from bad to worse. It looks like that’s the case for former chief probation officer Christopher Hoffman, who is accused of witness intimidation. The Springfield Republican is reporting that a plea deal could be in the works. Reading interlinearly, he’s ready to turn cheese eater for a future that involves talking to Tommy Petrolati and several years of reporting to his former employer.

The Springfield Republican is reporting

BOSTON – The acting chief probation officer in Hampshire Superior Court, charged with intimidating and harassing a witness in the federal investigation into the state Probation Department, may settle the case without going to trial, according to an order issued by a judge on Friday.

Christopher J. Hoffman, 39, who is on leave from his state job without pay, was arrested on Dec. 21 and charged with two counts of obstruction of justice. Hoffman, of Hatfield, appeared in U.S. District Court in Worcester and was released on certain conditions including avoiding contact with Rep. Thomas M. Petrolati, a Ludlow Democrat who recommended people for jobs in probation, and current or former members of probation.

It’s the Tommy Petrolati part that is most interesting. Tommy, of course, lawyered up a long time ago. He’s got one of the best attorneys in Western Massachusetts.

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