RIP, Mike Wallace

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Journalism lost a hero this weekend.

Rest in peace, Mike Wallace

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  1. In general I liked him, but...

    … just so we can be realistic about his record lets not forget this is one of the guys that left Lowell Bergman and Jeffrey Wigand out to dry.

    Saw the word ‘hero’ in the post and this immediately sprang to mind.

    • Long and distinguished career

      Mike Wallace transformed television journalism. I’m not trying to advocate on one side or the other about the tobacco stuff — I’m instead suggesting that his career was much larger than that.

      I’m all for realism. The world is a better place because of Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes. I don’t know how old you are, so I don’t know if you (like me) remember the Viet Nam era and its immediate aftermath. I think “hero” is a perfectly appropriate word for Mike Wallace.

  2. A couple of things about Bergman/Wigand

    First, definitely would have been helpful if you had identified them. Yes, I did my own Wikipedia lookup this time, but they aren’t household names.

    I agree with Tom that there is the totality of Wallace’s career to consider. At least according to Bergman’s Wikipedia entry it is only Bergman’s own feeling that he was blacklisted due to the movie’s allegedly negative portrail of Wallace and Hewitt.

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