Sen. Brown, your monocle is showing …

I’m enjoying watching Scott Brown’s campaign throw in the terms “elitist” and into their attacks on Elizabeth Warren. Fear and tremble, libs, before the might of such calumnies!

“Professor Warren is entitled to her own opinion about whether or not Congress overstepped its bounds, but this sort of irresponsible political attack on the court even before judgment is rendered goes too far, and reveals Professor Warren’s elitist tendency to attack anyone and everyone who does not immediately embrace her far-left worldview,” said Brown campaign director Jim Barnett.

Oh SNAP! It is so ON!

You know what kind of book elitists write? Books like Buying the Right Truck for Your Daughter’s Horse: An Illustrated Guide The Two Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke. Oh man … sooooo elitist.

Perhaps I should be afraid of this kind of I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I, Karl Rove-style attack. I suppose it’s worked in the past. But given that Warren has spent her entire life working on behalf of the middle class, and can speak for herself pretty darned well, this line looks more pathetic and desperate — an attempt to distract from Brown’s sterling record on defending plutocracy:

… and let’s recall that Brown went to fancier undergrad and law schools than did Warren. Nothing wrong with that, just sayin’.

When Scott Brown and Co. call Elizabeth Warren “elitist” … it’s not scary. It’s pathetic and weak — a smelly red herring to distract from Sen. Brown’s record. I hope they use that line every day and twice on Sunday.


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  1. Fundraising letter from Mr Brown

    Dear Friends,

    I want you to know exactly what we are up against:

    Thanks to you and thousands of others, our campaign raised $3.4 million in the last quarter, but Professor Elizabeth Warren raised twice that amount: $6.9 million. How in the world could she raise so much?

    She is a far-left ideologue and her liberal friends from across the country are helping her: She has the Harry Reid Democrats, the Hollywood Crowd, the Far Left Juggernaut, the Occupy Wall Street Bunch, and the Massachusetts Machine raising money hand-over-clenched fist.

    Your online contribution will help stop Professor Warren’s election to the U.S. Senate.
    WE MUST WIN . . . if she wins, she will take her place among the most ardent leftist ideologues in the United States Senate.

    This is why Washington insiders, celebrities, elites, occupiers and leftists are pouring money into their attack campaign against me, and why I need your generous help again, right now …

    I suppose, if one is trying to shrink government to the size it had during the McKinley Administration, then much of the world is going to appear hostile and radical.

    • Fight Lizzie fight!

      I wanted her over other candidates since she is scrappy and a fighter and I need to see more of that. The money advantage is important, as is closing the polling gap, but we need her to start takin the golden boy down a notch or too and start doing it now.

  2. Warren's basic message is very effective. But

    she needs to inject a bit of negative zing. I think her best bet is humor. Brown is such a self absorbed twerp – he’s just begging for a few good towel snaps. Anybody have suggestions?

    • I'm thinkin'

      snappy one liners.

    • (( slightly pre-owned suggestion ))

      Fight fiercely, St. Elisabeth,
      fight, fight, fight!
      Demonstrate to them our skill.
      Albeit they possess the might,
      Nonetheless we have the will.
      How we shall celebrate our victory,
      We shall invite the whole team up for tea
      (How jolly!)
      Hurl that spheroid down the field, and
      Fight, fight, fight!

      Happy days.

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