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Bumped. We've had a great response to this request so far - thank you to all the new subscribers! It's great to see the proliferation of gold-rimmed badges on the site. Just FYI, we anticipate that our first order of business, once enough money is raised, is to set our developer the task of implementing a comment rating system. We're about halfway there. - promoted by david

It is a common refrain: I love BMG, how can I do more? We are delighted to announce that as of today you can subscribe to Blue Mass Group for $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. In return for your virtual greenbacks, you’ll free yourself from advertisements, and gain a handsome gold-rimmed subscriber badge next to your name that identifies you as a BMGer of discernment and grace. Buying an annual subscription saves you about 15 percent over paying monthly. That’s a financial proposition so straightforward even a Republican could understand it.

To subscribe, click on “Account” in the top right, then “BMG Subscription” in the left menu bar, and you’re away. If you have any problems, please note them in the comments. Nothing about the site will change, of course, if you don’t subscribe: you just won’t gain subscriber benefits. We plan to use funds from subscriptions to improve the site and, if possible, to buy every child around the world a pony of their very own.

Thank you again for your support of BMG and the Massachusetts progressive blogosphere.

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  1. A related question:

    What is the status of the BMG Pac?

  2. Subscribed!

    A small price to pay for the previous 8 or so years of free commentary.

  3. Immediately subscribed

    I love the little marker.

    Perhaps you can auction off low-number subscriber accounts for an absurdly high price (so long as no family members are allowed to participate)? :)

  4. Done and a Question

    Done. I second SCO’s comments. A couple of quick notes. Can you give people an idea of the expenses associated with running BMG. I recall four years ago you were sleeping on the floor in a friends apartment so you could cover the convention in Denver and keep costs down. I know that you all have expenses, but I think it would help if people knew a little bit about that. On a quick personal note to Bob, I spent some time with your step-mother at the Elizabeth Warren campaign on Wednesday! She’s a real nice lady!

  5. I've been enjoying my subscription...

    It’s been nice to skip the ads over the past few months!

    chrismatth   @   Mon 9 Apr 1:48 PM
  6. Love my button, but afraid I'll miss the ads

    Personalized ads on the internet are sometimes serendipitous. As when a post of mine was trying to describe the “Clark Rockefeller Republican,” whose purported independence is a sham, and Scott Brown showed up to make my point.

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