The question the new MA Gambling Commission must answer

It's a good question. And pretending that the numbers are wrong - as some elected officials in the linked article do - is not really an acceptable response. - promoted by david

As the Massachusetts Gambling Commission prepares to meet for the first time on Tuesday, there is one fundamental question before them that needs to be answered before they can move forward with any other major decision:

“How do you effectively regulate a money-making operation that in other jurisdictions collects more than half of its slot machine profits from problem gamblers?”

Every journalist and citizen needs to keep asking the question until it is clearly and definitively answered.

The answer will make all of the other decisions about how many licenses to issue and where very easy.

Les Bernal

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  1. The money quote:

    “This is an industry, like it or not, that is making its money off the sickness of its clients,” [Baylor University economics professor Earl Grinols] said. “Government is supposed to be the protector and guardian of the community, not the predator.

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