Brown Continues Campaign Parody

Could Scott Brown be any more transparent? Today is the day he votes against student borrowers, and he's got this bag of stinky slop to show for it ON THE SAME DAY?? I hope David S. Bernstein doesn't mind me quoting from his Facebook page: "Scott Brown voted today to block the Senate bill to cap student loan interest rates. In completely unrelated news, Scott Brown today called on Elizabeth Warren to release all of her job and college applications to prove she didn't use her claim of Cherokee heritage to her advantage. TOTALLY UNRELATED -- NOT TRYING TO DISTRACT ATTENTION FROM THE VOTE AT ALL."

Give. Me. A. Break. This is amateur hour stuff. Scott Brown should wear a paper bag over his head. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Scott Brown is slowly inching his way towards the Jerry Seinfeld of campaigns. A campaign about nothing.

Today, Brown injects himself personally into the made up Warren heritage controversy:

Serious questions have been raised about the legitimacy of Elizabeth Warren’s claims to Native American ancestry and whether it was appropriate for her to assume minority status as a college professor. Her changing stories, contradictions and refusal to answer legitimate questions have cast doubt on her credibility and called into question the diversity practices at Harvard.

Maybe it’s a cry for help, but it all seems desperate. Brown agreed to not have Karl Rove spend millions of dollars in made up attacks on Warren, finds himself in a position which he is now personally involved in mudslinging. Not a good development for his campaign.


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  1. i'd like to see

    Scott Brown’s HS transcript and all the documentation regarding his basketball affecting his admission to Tufts.

    He has me steamed now. But who’s advising Warren? She could have been in front of this a week ago.

    She needs to come through big time now.

  2. The best thing for Warren to do

    is talk about the real issues.

  3. Even if she did all this, he would ask for more

    because he’s a Republican. After all, did the Republicans apologize when Obama put out not just the regular birth certificate and proved that the Honolulu paper included an announcement of his birth at a Honolulu hospital, but the special long form version? Did they apologize to war hero Kerry, after he had the Navy give his records directly to two papers – verifying that Kerry had his full complete non medical records on his web site all 2004 and a year of so afterward. The medical records were the same as those shown to the media in 2004.

    Here, you have every person who hired Warren already saying this was not used. Yet, I bet the Republicans would have a fit if Warren questioned Brown’s behavior in his juvenile delinquent or model periods.

  4. My question is...

    …what if there was an advantage? There is such a thing as affirmative action after all. Justice Thomas is among those who have benefitted.

  5. Those “made up” controversies sure seem to have some legs now, don’t they? One wonders what the reaction here would have been if a comparable issue engulfed Senator Brown?

  6. Agree it's weak but

    the purpose of this pseudo issue is not to convince anyone who is paying attention. It’s to lay down the fact of a controversy that can be called up in October when people are finally paying attention tot he campaign.

    Come October, I do not expect the press to report that the controversy was entirely manufactured and has no factual basis. Do you?

    • Exactly so

      and this accusation fits a number of existing narratives quite well. Its emptiness only slightly hampers its effectiveness.

  7. The funny part is Fehrnstrom

    gave this to the Herald and now he’s saying Brown needs to come clean. He sponsors sock puppet legislation to excuse his support for student loan relief as students exit the worst job market in generations.

    Stay focused on the positive and the issues. Draw the distinction between Brown’s focus on non-issues and his vote. Surrogates attack and label this as the cut-rate Rovism this is.

  8. Why shouldn't her employment records be open?

    We already know with a very high level of certainty that she did not benefit from her claimed minority status. Let’s see the records.

    • Because they're private.

      From a private institution. Because you crazy people will find another ad hominem attack to make in the details. That’s what your “character issue” is, an ad hominem attack through the backdoor.

  9. Wow, Scotto

    Way to keep your campaign on the high road!

  10. To get serious

    This is from the campaign strategy of “where where’s smoke, there’s fire, right?” Produce enough smoke up our asses, we might start to ask where’s the fire.

    Thing is, this is such a minor set of smoke, that a lot of voters are like, *yawn* – and it has a real chance of backfiring (if it already hasn’t). It’s classic Rovian tactics but without even the substance of the ones that have been successful.

    Remember the dog whistles of that successful candidate, Governor Kerry Healey? Yeah I barely do either.

    • That's a Good Point

      Kerry Healey’s reprehensible ads were the coup de grace of losing campaign on her part anyway. Were Brown to put this whole thing in an ad, it would come perilously close to that 1990 Jesse Helms ad on affirmative action. That ad was decidedly racist, but Helms not Scott Brown and very likely could never win w/ such an ad. For those reasons, I think he’ll stay off TV w/ this.

  11. This is strategy until October

    Keep casting horrific votes like a good partisan. Attack Warren’s integrity here at home and never engage in policy.

    Until October, when the air campaign begins in earnest. He’ll blurt out some outrage about how its all so intolerable and, alas, sadly, he must take out the Superpacs. And why not, he has gobs of money for penalties.

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