Downtown Scottie Brown Not so “Amazing” Afterall

Absolutely hilarious. A fake video to go along with the fake pictures of a dead Osama Bin Laden Brown bragged about to the media. What a precious gift Scott Brown's campaign has been to date: turning Big Boy Brown into Mr. Magoo. Globe: "Brown’s ‘amazing’ basket came after four missed shots." - promoted by Bob_Neer

Earlier this week Brown posted a video and put out a press release which he humorously called himself Amazing.

Let’s get past how obnoxious it is to call yourself amazing for one minute and lets instead focus on the importance of the topic Brown and his campaign wanted to bring to our attention. The campaign’s press release was about a jobs bill, no a position that he wanted to discuss, wait, shooting a basketball from half court.

Nailed it! Scott lifting his arms in the air and the children joining in after an “amazing” shot! Even though some sports bloggers might have thought otherwise (link not for work).

Well, as it turns out, the Brown campaign staged the entire video.

The video seemed to lead you to believe that Brown hit the short with his only attempt. Glen Johnson at the Globe found out that Brown repeatedly took the shot until he finally made one, they edited the video to make it appear the way it did.

It’s amazing alright, amazingly pathetic.


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  1. But for the low information voter

    this really can have appeal.

    Not only is Scott Brown a normal guy, like you and me, but he has outstanding athletic prowess. He has non-”elitist” qualifications.

    • Yabbut, in Massachusetts

      these things tend to get around and spread fast when they do. Brown is accumulating a demonstrable record of phoniness. Partly because he’s a phony, and partly because his campaign managers can be pretty ham-fisted.

  2. It would take me 5 tries to sink it too

    So I guess he is a regular guy. Though I bet I could pass a jobs bill on the first try.

  3. My initial reaction...

    …really? Underhanded halfcourt shot? That’s kinda pathetic actually.

  4. Doesn't he get 32 chances to make one?

    If he gets one out of thirty two in, that’s enough to claim he made the shot, unless you are insinuating that he’s not qualified to be Senator because he only got one out five shots in. Anyone who suggests getting 1 out of 5 shots in means he is unqualified is ignorant and wrong.

  5. cutey

    Scott appreciates your support.

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