Elizabeth Warren to Keynote Young Democrats Convention May 26th

There are an estimated 300,000 Young Democrats in the Commonwealth and as of 2010 474,798 Republican voters who were less mature. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Hello friends,

I come to you with exciting news. After a lot of hard work from our dedicated board, we’ve released the full agenda for the Young Democrats of Massachusetts’ Annual Convention, being hosted at SEIU 1199, 150 Mt. Vernon St., Dorchester, MA on Saturday May 26th. It includes an all-star line up of young Democrats leading attendees through a series of engaging trainings including: Josh Dawson, Executive Director, Steve Grossman Committee; Alex Goldstein, Executive Director, Together PAC; Roger Lau, Political Director, Elizabeth Warren for US Senate; and many more. We’ve also got some great speakers lined up including Chairman John Walsh and US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

We’ve also gone ahead and posted a list of the current candidates for YDM’s board of directors. A strong list of candidates who I know will help lead this organization to future success.

For those that plan to attend, please purchase your tickets by May 21st to take advantage of a $5 early-bird registration discount - just $15 for this fantastic event, including complimentary breakfast and lunch!

If you cannot attend, I hope you’ll share this wonderful event with all the young Democrats in your life. There are an estimated 300,000 young Democrats in the state of Massachusetts. You’ll recall, young people played a pivotal role in the President’s election in 2008. This year, Republican’s are trying to buy youth votes. But we all know that it takes a really grassroots effort to mobilize young voters. The Young Democrats and the College Democrats represent the grassroots youth movement in Massachusetts. And we’ll make sure young people are out in full force this November, but we need your help to get the word out. Please, talk to the young people in your life about our two great organizations. No matter their experience level, we’ll help find a role for them and get them ready to volunteer for all of our wonderful democratic candidates this fall.

I hope to see many of your there and look forward to seeing everyone the following weekend at the Mass Dems Convention in Springfield for YDM’s 4th Annual Pre-convention Party, immediately following Congressman Neal’s party. More details soon…


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  1. Buy votes, but then prevent them from voting.

    We’ve been paying attention to the PACs the Republicans have created to target youth voters– but we’ve also been testifying against GOP-sponsored Voter ID bills in MA that would effectively prevent many young voters from participating if they passed, and have been proven time and time again to not prevent voter fraud. Not only has YDM been protecting the right and process of participation in the electoral process, but we’ve been registering young voters (regardless of Party), informing the public on how elections work, and engaging people in civic dialogue. We hope that if you’re a young Democrat (under 36) or know one, that you’ll participate on the 26th.

  2. 150 Mount Veron Street...Beacon Hill or Dorchester?

    Pls clarify

  3. Dorchester...

    …and yes, you have to use that and not Boston if using mapping software. I learned the hard way once that Boston defaults to Beacon Hill.

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