New poll suggests voters couldn’t care less about Cherokee-gate

Rasmussen (who, remember, has a well-documented history of skewing in favor of the Republican candidate) has now polled the Senate race three times, to my knowledge.  The first poll, released on March 1, had Scott Brown up 5 points, 49-44 over Elizabeth Warren.  The next one, released on April 10, had Warren up 1, 46-45.

Ah – but now we’ve had the Herald-inspired and Team Brown-abetted kerfuffle over Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage.  Why, the Herald has even hilariously dubbed her “Fauxcahontas” (keepin’ it classy, there, Track gals – maybe Ernie’s been right about you all along).  Surely, this has devastated her standing in the polls!  Surely, Massachusetts voters are outraged, or at least deeply, deeply concerned!

Nope.  Rasmussen’s latest poll, conducted yesterday, came out today.  Result: a 45-45 tie, not significantly different from a month ago.  So, there you go.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown made a big mistake by voting to filibuster a bill to keep student loan interest rates from doubling.  The best commentary I’ve seen on that comes from our own mattmedia, who offers the following hilarious report:

I called [Brown's] office and was told he wants to hold out for a “bipartisan” bill. I told the guy the bill would be bipartisan if Scott Brown voted for it.

LOL – hard to argue with that one!  Pretty much sums up the 100% content-free nature of Scott Brown’s time in the Senate.

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  1. this would also then indicate that all the supposedly anti-women

    votes that Brown supposedly is making have had no effect as well.

  2. sorry about the typos. posting too late

    oh well.

  3. The chivalrous white knights to her rescue

    There are lots of white knights rallying around the beleagured sinking woman right now, just because they feel bad for her. But she still is trying to deny that she engaged in a sham that hurt real minorities and benefited her. This is just a goodbye group hug, and now they’ll look into who else is on the ballot.

    • Dr. Cuteless has her Pangloss side too, then,

      (( That was the bait. The switch is over here. ))

      Happy days.

    • You know what happened yesterday?

      Brown voted to up student loan rate from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent so he could protect millionaires. There are a lot of people who think that’s the wrong choice and want to have a person in the senate that shares their values.

    • Excuse me?

      White knights saving the sinking woman? It’s those damn fairy tales that keep the sexist message moving forward, with the help of people like you who try to use the words to minimize a woman who is valiantly participating in politics.

    • When all you can do

      is call your opponents names and predict success for your candidate, you have lost the argument.

      The intensity of your vocabulary also suggests your desperation: “white knights”; “beleagured sinking woman”; “engaged in a sham”; “goodbye group hug.”

      And here I am talking about you guys winning more arguments. Sheesh! Maybe you should try crossing your arms and stamping your foot. Mean looks and angry sighs can also help when you’ve got nothing legitimate to say.

  4. i don't know Merrimack

    Maybe someone should do a poll?

  5. People really don't have time to listen to this sort of nonsense in the news

    This is where your average overly busy voter will change the channel or turn the page. It’s such a non-issue that it is ridiculous that Brown and his campaign are working hard to keep it in the headlines.

  6. Swift Boat?

    How did that Swift Boat thing turn out for John Kerry? All they need to do is make the accusation, trigger the angry response; Herald/Fox consumers will have tuned out well before any complicated, actual facts come out. Then the next wave is criticizing the campaign for not handling the issue well. It’s not politics as usual, it’s right winger media tactics as usual — de-legitimize the speaker to deflect attention from the issues. Wish Warren’s campaign would expose that. Especially now that Scott Brown himself feels its safe to glom on.

  7. Its the only thing Brown knows how to do


  8. Why can't we have early voting in Mass.

    I want to vote against Scott Brown today. Even if it was a choice between Scott Brown and a pile of Lego’s, I would vote for Lego’s over this pathetic idiot. “I regret that I only have one but one vote to vote against this idiot.”

  9. Does anyone think the Atlantic is a right wing publication?

    Here’s a 2009 article ripping Professor Warren’s research on health costs and bankruptcy.

    • No, but the author of the piece is

      Megan McArdle is a libertarian market fundamentalist.

      From her bio at the head of the linked article:

      Megan McArdle is a senior editor for The Atlantic who writes about business and economics. She has worked at three start-ups, a consulting firm, an investment bank, a disaster recovery firm at Ground Zero, and The Economist. She is currently on leave.

  10. ABC news weighs in as well

    Maybe it’s not about being Native American

  11. Thanks for the tip of the hat.

    I didn’t think was was being unreasonable.

  12. Holding Out

    “I called [Brown's] office and was told he wants to hold out for a “bipartisan” bill.”

    Of course he’s “holding out.” You don’t see him drafting such a bill and recruiting bi-partisan support, which would require actual work and maybe even some leadership ability.

  13. What a shock

    45-45 tie. But let’s see what the 10% in the middle think about Warren affirmative action box-checking. I doubt the issue will have legs through to November, but one never knows.

    • The numbers aren't especially surprising,

      unless you expected that voters might care about this non-story. But the fact that the Rasmussen poll is a nearly exact match for one taken by the same organization a month ago strongly suggests that they don’t. And I certainly agree with you that the issue is unlikely to be more than a footnote come November – if voters don’t care about it now, when it’s in the news, why would they care about it when it’s stale?

  14. What box checking?

    Oh, the boxes on the job applications that the fighting young Brown has demanded – demanded! – she produce tout suite, or else…

    Brown can’t even read a job app since he has never held a private sector job. He is a product of the taxpayer dole and all that “waste, fraud and abuse.”

    • applications

      And according to Warren, she never filled out applications after her very first job anyhow, because she was always recruited. What boxes, indeed.

  15. Help me out here!

    We’ve all heard various sour grapes of people who feel they were passed over by someone less talented at a job, for some reason or another. We’ve heard stories of people who once in a job showed they were untalented, out of their league, unable to do the job, even protected for some reason.

    What TRULY baffles me about this line of attack by Scott Brown is that there is nobody who has ever studied or worked with Elizabeth Warren who has anything but the most glowing things to say about the experience. She is proven to be immensely talented, widely sought after, and her class is considered one of the most popular at Harvard Law.

    Since none of us have yet to hear anyone say anything bad about her as a professor (though I’m confident the Brown campaign could dredge up someone somehow), this attempted swiftboating will fall apart. Though the strategy of trying to undermine her greatest strength may appear like a good one, it’s silly to on the one hand call her “elite” and on the other try to claim she doesn’t deserve everything that has come to her.

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