6000 person peoples assembly 5/1/12 – 45,000 + march, see photo as well as Occupy Boston marching on Chelsea Bridge on Mayday/NYPD sued in Federal Court 4/30/12.

This is THE photo from tonight – the new home of Occupy Wall Street at 55 Water Street – this meeting was going on tonight, 5/1/2012.  More than 45,000 marched mostly peacefully.


Not that everything was peaceful earlier in the day -


Source of photo NYC Press TV at this link. 

Four elected NYC councilors are among those listed as plaintiffs in the Federal District Court lawsuit yesterday:  — Letitia James, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams.  They reportedly filed the civil rights lawsuit alleging that city police used excessive force and violated free speech rights as part of its crackdown on protesters. Also joining the suit as plaintiffs are a local Democratic Party official, freelance journalists, and Occupy activists.

The story contains the following quote:  “This unlawful conduct has been undertaken with the intention of obstructing, chilling, deterring and retaliating against (the) plaintiffs for engaging in constitutionally protected protest activity,” the lawsuit alleges.

A link to the full Complaint is here – the Caption will be Rodriguez v. Winski 12 CIV 3389.  This is serious stuff, and well worth a read.  For those with twitter accounts who wish to be off site monitors or just follow the “action” in Boston today, I recommend @Boston_M1GS or searching for #M1GSBOS or #OccupyBoston

As those who follow my facebook page know, I am at home in a caregiving role, due to the recent diagnosis of my husband with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, and the far different and intense “battle” that now entails.

But I can monitor, will always care passionately about the rule of law, secure funding for an independent judiciary, and the reality that access to justice remains the last protection against fascism, excessive force, and the impact of income inequality all across the life of “the little guy”.

And the photo I promised, twittered out, from the May Day Coalition filling the Chelsea Bridge today – at least some folks are willing to fight against Mammon’s infernal fascist takeover of the USA:

I always feel better when the Veterans for Peace are marching with my friends, especially when I cannot be there.

And in Chicago, just maybe repression breeds response.  See above picture sent out by twitter and taken from some stories above the main march.  So much went on I cannot keep you all up on it – but May Day events happened in 130 cities in the USA and most countries.



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  1. Look I don't give a DAMN whether Warren is or is not a Cherokee and played her cards to her own advantage - I care about the USA becoming a police state or not !!k Icchera

    Aren’t any of you following what is happening across this country today, or in general to the Bill of Rights, access to justice, and the starving of courts & the rule of law???

  2. Great post and comment on our media and blogging priorities, amberpaw.

    My thoughts and prayers to your husband.

  3. Hoping for the best ...

    I wish you and your husband all the best in this difficult time.

  4. Amber, I am not into formal religion, but

    I will say prayers for your husband. Please try to keep your strength in these difficult times.

  5. My kindest thoughts and admiration

    Kind thoughts for you and your husband. I wish you calmness and strength during this difficult time.

    Thank you for this post and your others about the activities of Occupy. I think you are absolutely right to be concerned about the issues of justice and civil liberties that are raised when authorities act to intimidate and quash peaceful protests. As a non-lawyer, I appreciate your perspective about the role that the courts play in securing (or not) a fair and just society.

  6. Good luck Amber.

    I ran in a Pancreatic Cancer Research 5K fundraiser in Westborough on Sunday. The race raised $75,000 and I raised $1,500 of which 100% will be used to find a cure for PC (which took my Father from me at 63 years old). I’m very sorry that your husband has pancreatic cancer and I wish both you and he the very best of luck and will pray for both as well.

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