Scott Brown joins Republican filibuster of bill to prevent student loan interest rate hike

Scott Brown, who claims to want to prevent interest rates on student loans from doubling, today voted to filibuster a bill that would do just that.

His reason, presumably, is the one put forward by Republican leader Mitch McConnell: he doesn’t like how it’s paid for.  The payment method?

[Republicans] oppose the Senate Democrats’ proposal to pay for a one-year extension by changing tax law that currently allows some wealthy taxpayers to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare taxes by classifying their pay as dividends, not cash income…. Republicans have not always been so averse to closing the loophole the Senate bill addresses. In 2004, when it emerged that John Edwards had classified himself as a “subchapter S corporation” to pay himself dividends rather than income, conservatives blasted him for ducking payroll taxes.

In other words, if you’re rich and clever, you can cheat the Social Security and Medicare systems out of desperately-needed funds.  But, of course, IOKIYAR.

Thanks for nothing, Senator Brown.

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  1. Disappointing, but not remotely surprising.

    A new study by ProgressMass of Scott Brown’s voting record in this exact situation – a measure has majority support, but the Republican minority filibusters – shows that Scott Brown overwhelmingly supports Republican obstruction in the U.S. Senate. So much for the Brown bipartisanship myth.

  2. unbelievable ...

    Brown could care less about “paying for it”, he didn’t ask when extending Bush’s tax cuts for millionaires. Apparently, that’s fine for Scott Brown, but doubling kid interest rate, sorry can’t afford it.

  3. I called Scott Brown's office

    I called his office and was told he wants to hold out for a “bipartisan” bill. I told the guy the bill would be bipartisan if Scott Brown voted for it. I was then told that the bill wasn’t negotiated in good faith. I imagine then that Scott Brown will be involved in the writing of a bill that will get through both Chambers and make it to the president’s desk before July 1?

    This really bothers me. I’ve been known to not hate Scott Brown, and I’m not that excited about Elizabeth Warren, but this is so patently obstructionist that I can’t even believe it. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Recent graduates are unemployed in scads. You want to put them more in debt?

    My wife just got a “real job” this week after a year of hopping contract to contract. Now a big chunk of the extra money she’ll be making is going to go right to loans. Meanwhile, people who make their money gambling on stocks get to remain paying half what my family pays in taxes on the dollar.

    Call Scott Brown’s office and ask what the deal is: (202) 224-4543

    • As a rule, I can't vote...

      … for GOPers even if I like them. They are too controlled by their party such that when I find a GOPer with positions I like, they are never able to push those positions unless the GOP has already determined that either a) they can’t stop it so go ahead and vote for it to strengthen your position among your constituents or b) it can’t pass even if you do vote for it so go ahead and…

      More here and here.

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