Scott Brown raised more from NYC than Boston

Scott Brown has become the candidate of Wall Street, not of Massachusetts. Combine this with the fact that Brown once tried to shutter Fenway Park and one really has to wonder about the man. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Scott Brown raised more money from New York City in the first quarter of this year than Boston, the Boston Globe reported this morning.

This comes just a week after the Boston Globe reported that Brown has worked closely with the National Republican Senatorial Committee to raise more than $1 million from Wall Street into an until recently secret account to fund his campaign.  The Globe reported:   “The joint committee’s reports are replete with generous donations from deep-pocketed venture capitalists, bankers, and leaders of some of the country’s largest investment firms who are eager to see Brown defeat his likely Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, a consumer advocate.”

Warren has long been warning her supporters about the interests backing Brown because of her work as a consumer advocate, but the latest developments from the Globe are surely bad news for Brown.

Brown has sought to run against Warren by portraying himself as an everyman and Warren as something less than she seems, but the fundraising tallies certainly don’t back that up.

What better validation could there be for Warren’s version of her work and Brown’s record than Wall Street’s recent infusion of resources into the Brown campaign?  Isn’t that proof that Wall Street fears Warren and backs Brown for, as the Globe also reported, “delivering” for them?  It’s hard to imagine better evidence, and this is unlikely to go away as a campaign issue.


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  1. Can we please

    truck out this post every single time we hear the bullshit from Brown about Warren’s small donor base excited that she is a potential Senator?

    National small donor base because candidate excites a lot of national voters. National big donor base because candidate excites the elite rich giants of finance who helped destroy our economy.

    Gee, I have a hard time picking which I want to represent me. /snark

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