Weekly Scott Brown-d Up, Week of 5/18/12

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What did we learn about Republican Scott Brown this week?  (Or, more accurately, what did we already know about Republican Scott Brown that he just re-confirmed for us?)

·    Republican Scott Brown just can’t quit JPMorgan Chase, and they love him right back!  But Brown really doesn’t want to talk about it.  After all the backroom deals Brown has secured for his Wall Street benefactors, it’s no wonder he’s one of Wall Street’s favorite Senators.

·    Republican Scott Brown’s campaign can’t seem to decide if his super-secret New York fundraising committee is a whole bunch of people he refuses to disclose or if it’s just one man he’s willing to identify.  He might want to get his story straight.

·    Republican Scott Brown doesn’t seem to care much about LGBT youth.

·    When Republican Scott Brown needs a positive headline, particularly on his harmful vote to double the student loan interest rate, he just Etch-A-Sketches his way to good news (especially when the story explains how Brown’s gimmick bill is a scheme that won’t work).  However, you can keep Brown from Etch-A-Sketching his vote to double the student loan interest rate!

·    Republican Scott Brown has failed to instill in Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign sufficient confidence that Brown can turn out the vote well enough to keep Mitt from writing off Massachusetts already.

·    When Republican Scott Brown’s conservative allies in the right-wing misinformation media are desperate to help Brown continue to avoid talking about real issues, they just fabricate controversies until they’re called out on it.

·    Republican Scott Brown’s birther strategy is “a familiar plan.”

Also, lots of folks across the Commonwealth took to the pages of their local papers this past week to register their discontent with our Republican junior Senator.  (If you’re less-than-content with the “representation” with which Republican Scott Brown provides you, don’t forget that your local daily or weekly newspaper is still a very worthwhile medium through which to voice your concerns and complaints.)

·    Republican Scott Brown’s local daily, the Attleboro Sun Chronicle, featured a couple of complaints about his right-wing votes and his pretending to be an “average guy.”

·    The Cape Cod Times printed a letter critical of Brown siding with millionaires and billionaires over the Massachusetts middle class in Brown’s vote against the Buffett Rule.

·    The New Bedford Standard-Times ran a letter calling out Brown for prioritizing his corporate benefactors over the Massachusetts middle class.

·    Finally, ProgressMass submitted two letters.  One went to the Gloucester Times, highlighting Brown’s hypocrisy regarding our fishing industry.  The other went to the Taunton Daily Gazette, setting the record straight about Republican Scott Brown’s real record in overwhelming support of partisan obstruction and proverbial “rock throwing.”

The 2012 U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts clearly boils down to one side talking about real issues and the other side providing every distraction possible to keep from having to talking about real issues.  However, the more we keep the focus on real issues, the more Republican Scott Brown will have to defend his disappointing record.

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  1. RE the whole host committee thing

    I’ve been part of and been to a bunch of Dem fundraisers. I’ve been part of host committees. I’ve never seen a fundraiser on the Dem side that doesn’t BRAG about its host committee, put all the names of the host committee on the invites, websites, facebook event, whatever. In fact, it’s a faux pas to forget someone by accident.

    By contrast, he doesn’t list host committee members?? Is this common the Republican side? Cuz it sure ain’t on the Democratic side…you get walloped with the names of the host committee on every piece of lit for the event…

  2. What I learned this weekend about S.B.

    I did not know Brown is a southpaw. Yeah, he was playing whiffle ball at a Travis Roy benefit, and I caught the news clip on tv.

  3. I hear he also plays right field


  4. Suffolk/7 Poll today ...

    Love it when Hiller orders the poll when Warren is being attacked, nada with Brown in any kind of defensive position.

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