What’s Tim Murray Really Up To? Brockton Enterprise Got The Story…

Tim Murray is an actual public servant. Does this matter? Yes it does. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

While Boston media is busy covering wedding brawls, genealogy and sports, leave it to the Brockton Enterprise to be covering the substantive stuff…

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray has been one busy guy…

“touring the Army’s Base Camp Systems Integration Laboratory at Fort Devens, part of his tour of military bases in the Commonwealth” part of the effort to save them from federal cuts….Signing “the Ports of Massachusetts Compact…Murray chairs the Seaport Advisory Council and the agreement the Mayors of give port cities signed is geared toward greater cooperation and communication among our port citied with an eye toward greater economic cooperation and development.”

“The truth is that Murray is all over the state touting the policies of the administration but also, crucially, keeping his finger on the pulse of local leaders.”

That’s in addition to his on-going efforts for Massachusetts veterans that may not make the news but to our veterans and their families he has really made a difference!

It was good to see credit where credit is due for a change…”Murray will be a strong contender in 2014 for the Democratic nomination, particularly if he continues to have policy substantive weeks such as this that continue to get him out and about the state, meeting with those local officials who can be instrumental as he puts together his campaign apparatus.  For his spectacular week, Murray’s earns a Sacred Cod.”


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  1. complimenting him on doing his job

    no man bites dog in that report.

    • You missed the point, merrymac

      Brockton Enterprise complimented him on doing his job (and then some) extremely well….and for the benefit of the state’s economy. (That can’t be said for all state employees you read about these days)

      It’s too bad that only man bites dog stories can get your attention…there are plenty of good things going on that we should be told about, but those things don’t make the news because they don’t sell papers.

  2. Tim Murray

    Yes, Tim Murray is a politician. Surprise. But I have rarely met someone who is as deeply concerned about the needs of the people whom he represents. I have watched him push the state bureaucracy to help people who have no power and who can’t raise money for him. Unless President Obama decides that he wants to run for Governor of Massachusetts in 2 years, I will support Tim.

  3. Rep Jim Lyons is deeply concerned about the people he represents

    and no one here on BMG would consider that a reason to vote for him.

    The whole Mike McLaughlin thing is going to sink Murray, and Steve Grossman’s going to the one who hangs it on him.

  4. Sadly, included in the "substantive stuff"

    the Lt. Gov. has been working on is the dismantling of the emergency shelter system for families.

    Under the administration’s current plan, a mother who flees a domestic violence situation won’t be eligible for shelter. Neither will a family struggling to get by who gets hit with a rent increase that makes their apartment simply unaffordable. These are not “truly” emergency situations any longer.

    The Lt. Gov. may have his finger on the pulse of local leaders, but not on the pulse of the poorest children in the state.

    • He's done

      Might as well bring out the blimp for Tim. Its too bad, I’ve always been a fan, but he’s done. I think it will be Baker v Grossman with Baker winning, (unless a Kerry vacancy prompts another Senate shuffle, but I doubt it, he ain’t going anywhere Susan Rice is the new SoS)

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