Why Does The Sun Keep Embarrassing My City?

In case you missed it on Twitter or on my blog, Jack picked up on a front page online poll today on the Lowell Sun website, intended to be funny, but falling way short and coming off racist and disgusting. In it, they ask, “Who is your favorite Native American?” with your selection ranging from “Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Pocahontas, Sacajawea, or Elizabeth Warren.”

If only “editor” (I say that with big air quotes) Jim Campanini weren’t a crass, idiotic tool, maybe Lowell and the Merrimack Valley would have a newspaper worthy of it.



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  1. "manchild"

    My paper – the Eagle Tribune – printed an editorial calling our African American President a “manchild” – they tooted that dog whistle calling the black man a boy LOUD.
    But your paper’s front page wingnuttery is darn close to topping it…

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