Marie Parente endorses Scott Brown

Scott Brown (left) with Marie Parente. Photo via Milford Daily News.

In what can only be seen as a major victory for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, ex-”Democratic” legislator Marie Parente, a favorite of Herald columnist Howie Carr, endorsed Scott Brown yesterday.  Parente became famous early in 2007, when, shortly after the voters of her district turned her out of office, she applied to the state pension board for a bump of several thousand dollars a year in her pension based on the value of … wait for it … her parking space.  Here are the key points from the Globe story (sub. req’d):

With her W-2 statements in hand and without apology, recently ousted state representative Marie J. Parente told the state Retirement Board yesterday that she should be given a boost in her pension, following the path of William M. Bulger, former president of the University of Massachusetts.

Parente, 78, a Milford Democrat who lost in last fall’s primaries, said her State House parking space and other perks were included as income on her tax return and therefore should be included in the calculation of her pension. In an interview from home, she said it was amazing that her salary remained so low after 26 years as a state legislator.

“Don’t I sound like I’m a piker when that Japanese pitcher gets $50 million and I get $55,000?” she said, referring to newly acquired Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.

A piker indeed.  At the time, BMG noted the development in one of our popular “hacks gone wild” posts.

Also noteworthy is that Parente, along with Brown himself, was one of a handful of legislators inducted into BMG’s “ConCon Hall of Shame” back in 2007 (interestingly, Brown was the only Republican Senator afforded this honor).  The honor was reserved for those legislators who, as I phrased it at the time,

did everything wrong [at that session's constitutional convention]: voted YES on the anti-marriage amendment, and voted NO on discharging the health care amendment from committee, thereby both trampling on the rights of gay people and violating their constitutional oaths.  (All in a day’s work on Beacon Hill, I guess.)

The hypocrisy of those legislators was noted not only at BMG, but also in an editorial in the MetroWest Daily News, which argued:

It is also particularly hypocritical for anyone who voted to advance the anti-gay marriage amendment on the grounds that the people deserve to vote to turn around and deny a spot on the ballot for a different issue…. With this act, Travaglini and his followers have thoroughly discredited the Constitutional Convention. Gay marriage supporters have said all along that the constitution’s low threshold for getting a question on the ballot was being enforced only when it comes to taking away their rights. The lawmakers have made their case for them….

And lest you think that news of Parente’s shenanigans is ancient history, the ever-alert Hester Prynne pointed out on Twitter that Parente was in the news again just a couple of months ago, this time over a dubious promotion in the embattled probation department:

The promotion of a relative of former Milford state Rep. Marie Parente to a supervisory probation job has been thrown into question by a judge’s ruling last month that 11 probation promotions over the last nine years must now be reviewed by an arbitrator to determine if those promoted were the most qualified for their jobs…. Amy M. Pighetti, a grandniece of the retired Milford Democrat who makes $79,599 as assistant chief probation officer in Milford District Court, got her current job in 2005 in a promotion process that was questioned by a more senior candidate who alleged that Ms. Pighetti passed over her and got the promotion because of her political connections.

The unsuccessful candidate, Karen Jackson, a Milford District Court probation officer making $69,630 a year, argued in a 2005 arbitration hearing — which she lost — that Ms. Pighetti’s promotion was tainted by the intervention of William Burke, a now-retired deputy director of the probation department and key figure in the scandal.

At the time, the Globe reported that Ms. Jackson said the former lawmaker told her that she felt guilty to have lobbied for Ms. Pighetti.  “The fix was in,” Ms. Jackson told the Globe. “If you don’t know anyone, you’re not going anywhere.”  Ms. Jackson was hired in 1978, Ms. Pighetti in 1998.

In the Milford Daily news article reporting Parente’s endorsement of Scott Brown, Brown is quoted as being “honored” by Parente’s endorsement, and continues thusly: “I’ve been getting endorsements from lifelong Democrats like Marie.”  And, indeed, he appears to be making inroads into the hack/patronage/Howie Carr wing of the Democratic party.

You know what, Scott?  You’re welcome to it.


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  1. Marie lives around the corner from me

    I began my heavy involvement in MA politics by supporting our current rep, John Fernandes, over her. John had planned to run in 2004, but at that time, Marie said she just wanted one more term and then she’d retire. So John waited the two years and pulled nomination papers for the 2006 election. Then Marie changed her mind and forced a primary! She got trounced – every Democrat in town was sick to death of her schtick.

  2. Keep your hands in your pocket Scott

    remain stone faced, keep your distance, betray no compassion for immigrants, the mentally ill, the addicted, the unappreciated wealthy investors — no wait.

  3. Brown can add this esteemed public servant

    to the growing list of washed-up mayors and out-of state senators who have joined the Brownshirts.

    • You know...

      …it true.

      It seems like the only Dems that have endorsed Brown both have nothing to lose and have no career to speak of anyway. Flynn? Hasn’t been relevant since he held court with John Paul II. Lukes? Still on the Worcester City Council, but booted out of the mayor’s slot. And now Pariente, who typifies Dem corrupt entitlement. No wonder it is the areas strong w/ Conservative Dems are the one’s most likely to support Brown. They like a man who’s just like the pols from just down the block, even if he also happens to be a schmuck.

  4. Insert her OCPF file

    I would hope you could include her OCPF file. Donations to the Republican candidate for Gov. Charlie Baker and Republicans municipal committee and Mass GOP

  5. Is that a sweat stain

    in his armpit? Almost looks like he’s working.

  6. In keeping with the seriousness of this blog....

    Elizabeth can rest assured that the well respected Chuck Turner and Diane Wilkerson will be certain to cast their votes her way…..that is if absentee ballots from their location are counted!

  7. Vote

    Vote Often!

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