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Suspense is over: Sen. Fred Berry Endorses Joan Lovely To Replace Him In Senate

Sen. Fred Berry the Senate Majority Leader who is not seeking reelection this year has made his choice known in a statement released to the media. Sen. Berry stated: “To be effective in the State Senate requires a combination of experience, intelligence and the ability to work with others to solve problems for the people you represent. I have known the candidates seeking this office for many years. I have had the opportunity to speak with them and observe their campaigns. Each has specific skills to offer. But, I believe City Councilor Joan Lovely has the attributes needed to most effectively serve the people of the 2nd Essex District. As an 8-term city councilor and longtime community leader, Joan knows what local communities need from the state government. She has demonstrated both compassion and political courage in dealing with tight municipal budgets and providing vital services to her community. Her experience as a city councilor, and an attorney, and combined with her community work with local business, senior citizens, schools and veterans will make her a strong State Senator.” “ I have been reflecting on this election for many weeks.  I am concerned that Joan Lovely’s two opponents would have […]

People’s Pledge history?

I received emails from both the Warren campaign and Progressive Change Campaign Committee indicating that Karl Rove is planning to run ads in Massachusetts.  There is a press release and letter on her website addressing this issue.

Let’s raise prices

Quantitative Easing is a confusing subject. Let’s make it simple. Quantitative easing means raising prices. In the current economy, you can see the effect. Monetary stimulus has raised the price of gold from $800 to $1600, the DJIA from 7,000 to 13,000 without adding any actual value. When you read that the Fed will attempt further monetary stimulus, know that all it means is the Fed will attempt to raise prices and hope that has some kind of positive effect on the real economy.  

I’m right here … all by myself

Scott Brown had a sad today, as Lowell native “Irish” Micky Ward had second thoughts about endorsing our junior senator. “I found out Scott (Brown) is anti-union and I’m a Teamster guy,” Ward reportedly told the Lowell Sun. “I found out he’s also against gay marriage and I say if you love someone you should have the same rights no matter who you are.” Now normally I wouldn’t make all that big of a deal out of the endorsement (or non-endorsement) of a rather minor local celebrity. But of course it was just yesterday that Brown was bragging about the impending endorsement. “My message to Professor Warren is, ‘I’m right here.’ She’s running against Scott Brown, not Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan,” Brown said to WBZ-TV. “And I’ll be back tomorrow getting Mickey Ward’s endorsement. She’s welcome to come up to Lowell, if she can find it.” Oh, I think she can find it, Scott. Hell, all she needs to do is look for the cocky ass senator standing outside a boxing gym … all by himself.

My letter to the Boston Globe

To the Editors: I am pleased to be a Globe subscriber. Usually I feel that the paper’s coverage of politics is reasonably thorough, fair, professional, robust, and detailed. I was very disappointed in Thursday’s coverage of Paul Ryan’s Vice-Presidential nominating speech the previous night. While deftly delivered and ecstatically received in the hall, Ryan included a large number of demonstrably false statements. In his report, your reporters Matt Viser and Brian MacQuarrie focused on the atmospherics, neglecting to point out the following: Ryan blames the Obama adminstration for allowing a GM plant to shut down in Janesville, WI. He has made this claim before, and it is certifiably false; the shutdown was ordered in June 2008. He called the Affordable Care Act a “government takeover” of health care, also a common but demonstrably false claim. This made Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” in 2010. Ryan decried the reduction of $716 billion in future spending that the Affordable Care Act contemplates — while Ryan’s own budget is dependent upon those very savings. And so on. There were many more, perfectly well-documented, perfectly clear. Ryan’s speech was riddled with barefaced lies, very well documented by Dylan Matthews of the Washington Post, Dan […]

Romney, women and a lie

From the convention speech: As Governor of Massachusetts, I chose a woman Lt. Governor… Reality: Lt. Governors run in and must win their own primary elections and so did Kerry Healy.  He didn’t chose her and he surely knows it.  Eric Fehrnstrom, knows it, too, but truth never stops either of them from saying whatever they want.

The Deer In The Headlights

Well Scott Brown showed up for the last night of the RNC.  He was collared by Chuck Todd of MSNBC and he looked stunned.  He fumbled around and insisted he was an independent while at the same time endorsing the far right Mitt Romney.  He did not go further to endorse the whole ticket.  Of course saying that would be a death knell in Massachusetts.  But he knows he does. He claimed he was independent voting only 54% with his party, although something closer to 80% if you discount votes that both parties voted for.  He didn’t even acknowledge his pride in his daughter’s role as a performer at the convention.  His hasty retreat from the interview was blurted out, “This convention like all conventions and not exactly how i would run it.  I am looking forward to getting back to my truck.”  He looked to be in great discomfort in having to admit he is actually a Republican and votes that way.  I wish the video was available but could not find this clip.

Pay attention to Governor’s Council Primaries

On next Thursday’ Democratic primary ballot, there are contested races for most of the 8 seats on the Governor’s Council.  Though obscure, the Council has some very important functions — most notably, confirming (or rejecting) all of the Governor’s judicial nominations. Before you vote, please make sure you know your choices in these races.  There’s at least one candidate who is a leader of the “fathers’ rights” movement, but who gives no hint of that agenda in his campaign materials.  Another candidate has falsely claimed the endorsement of one of the state senators in her district. Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts (PDM) has assembled helpful information about the candidates in the districts where there are Democratic primary races, and has posted the information on its website.  There’s some general information about the Governor’s Council, and details about the Democratic primary candidates in each contested district, including links to their campaign websites and statements provided by many of the candidates, as well as very informative comments from PDM members about some of the races.  (The information about the fathers’ rights candidate and the false endorsement claim can be found in the members’ comments at the end of the entry about the candidates […]

Comment of the day

Or possibly of the year.  Long-time BMGer centralmassdad tells it like it is.  Some language NSFW. This is a good reason why, over the last 9 years or so, I have gone from being a Republican-leaning independent to an independent that has nothing at all but contempt for Republicans. It is your collective ability to stick your head so very far up your ass, as is nicely demonstrated by this little vignette. Bush started the GM bailouts, and got some short term loans through the lame duck Congress. Then, once Republicans realized that Obama would benefit from the program, they opposed it, which meant a closer call for the companies, which all did some rather major cost-cutting as a result, and eventually wound up using the bankruptcy system because the Republicans deadlocked the government. Indeed, these very two guys Now, Republicans want to support the bailouts, but blame the administration for not getting more? They want to cut Medicare, unless Democrats can be seen to have made a cut, and then they support it? They support Medicare, absolutely and unconditionally, for people who are 66, but if someone who is 65 gets those benefits, it would be a Stalinist gulag? […]

Clint Eastwood

It’s his world, we just live in it. <EOM>