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On next Thursday’ Democratic primary ballot, there are contested races for most of the 8 seats on the Governor’s Council.  Though obscure, the Council has some very important functions — most notably, confirming (or rejecting) all of the Governor’s judicial nominations.

Before you vote, please make sure you know your choices in these races.  There’s at least one candidate who is a leader of the “fathers’ rights” movement, but who gives no hint of that agenda in his campaign materials.  Another candidate has falsely claimed the endorsement of one of the state senators in her district.

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts (PDM) has assembled helpful information about the candidates in the districts where there are Democratic primary races, and has posted the information on its website.  There’s some general information about the Governor’s Council, and details about the Democratic primary candidates in each contested district, including links to their campaign websites and statements provided by many of the candidates, as well as very informative comments from PDM members about some of the races.  (The information about the fathers’ rights candidate and the false endorsement claim can be found in the members’ comments at the end of the entry about the candidates in Districts 2 and 3.)

Please take a few minutes to look at this information and share it with other interested voters before next Thursday.  And, if you have additional information or opinions about any of the Governor’s Council races, PDM would encourage you to add a comment on the relevant item on its site.

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  1. Has PDM endorsed GC candidates?

    If so that wasn’t clear from the links. This may be the only contested Democratic primary in many parts of the state. There is also a four-way race for the 5th district which I did not see mentioned.

  2. Nick Bernier for GC

    In district 1, Nick Bernier is a true Democrat running for the office. Last time, Oliver Cippolini ran on an anti-equality campaign, winning the nomination only to “lose” to his brother who ran as the Republican candidate.

    sabutai   @   Fri 31 Aug 8:10 PM
  3. Anybody have thoughts about the 5th GC district race?

    It is the only contested primary that will be on my ballot and I have not yet made up my mind. There are four Dems vying for this seat being vacated by Mary Ellen Manning who is running for State Senate.

    • 5th District GC

      Hello Christopher,

      I live in Peabody and have become very involved in the 5th district GC primary. After looking into the race a bit and meeting David Eppley I decided to support him and volunteered to canvass my ward in Peabody on his behalf. I really identified with his desire to bring back civility to Council hearings with thorough but fair hearings for judges. He is also by far and away the hardest working of the four hopefuls having knocked on doors in town after town all summer long. I met George O’Brine as well and though he seemed a nice enough fellow Mr. O’Brine has not done any fund raising, organizing or anything really when it comes to the race. He paid $1.50 for a single sign and was happy to show up and stand around at local events during our rather hot summer but has done little else. Donald Bumiller seems to be one of those odd duck Democrats that have rather nasty tea party types posting in comments sections online for him, I guess he would be called an “anti-progressive Democrat”, I would suggest you not vote for Mr. Bumiller. Eileen Duff seems like a wonderful person and I have nothing but respect for her chosen profession as a Hospice worker. That being said, her lack of experience and ties to Mary Ellen Manning kept me from supporting her. This election cycle marks the first time I have actually been actively involved in Democratic politics, it has been very rewarding as well as fun. Your vote is your own of course but I will be voting David Eppley and I hope you do as well.

  4. One GC Candidate's Views

    Over at Left Ahead, we’re into these races too. Not to plug our stuff, but relevant to this is District 2′s Brian Clinton. He discussed the office, how he’d like it to change, and of course his candidacy. The BMG post of it is:

  5. 8th district GC primary

    I’m going to vote for Kevin Sullivan because he is endorsed by all my favorite Valley politicians. Mike Albano seems like a reasonable candidate. For what it’s worth, a google of “mass 8th district governors council” came up only with Albano. Roy seems to be a less mainstream candidate — his site urges us to “Stop the Lawyers” and calls his opponents “2 of the most politically connected people in Western Mass” who plan to “give their family and friends LIFELONG APPOINTMENTS”. He favors “family values” and “One Nation Under God” and opposes pedophiles and “political correctness”.

    • Albano

      I would note for the record Albano tanked the City of Springfield’s finances and barely avoided indictment. Most of his staff was arrested and charged. I’m voting Sullivan, too.

  6. Bob Jubinville

    will be getting my vote for GC in District 2 (includes many small towns, as well as some precincts in Boston and Braintree).

    Bob has been an outspoken supporter of sensible drug policies. As a former state policeman (early in his career) he has been an active member of L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

    He has been a trial attorney for many years and seen our courts up close. He knows that judges wield extensive power with very little accountability. He feels that the Governor’s Council’s work of confirming judges is vitally important to ensure that only fair and qualified people become judges. Bob points out that not everyone has the temperament to be a judge and goes so far as to disqualify himself from becoming a judge.

  7. Bob Jubinville 2

    I don’t live in the 2nd District but my Union has endorsed Bob Jubinville and I have had the opportunity to talk with him on a number of ocassions. Bob Jubinville is the best candidate in a good field of candidates and I will be working for him on Election Day.

  8. I wish I could get a better sense of the candidates (I’m in District 2). Last time around it was easy: I voted for “not Kelly Timilty.” This time I’m inclined to. Ore for Jubinville. As between his ads (“I’ve been a lawyer for 33 years”) and the other ads I’ve seen (e.g. Brian Clinton: “lawyers should not confirm judicial nominees”) I want the guy who seems to me more likely to be professional about confirmations and less likely to contribute to the farce that we call the Governor’s Council.

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