4th Poll This Week: WBUR/MassINC, Warren Up by 5

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WBUR/MassInc released their poll this morning, and Elizabeth Warren is leading Scott Brown with and without leaners:

Initial preference (without leaners)
Scott Brown 40%
Elizabeth Warren 45%
Some other candidate 2%
Don’t Know / Undecided 12%
Refused 1%

A significant percentage, 12% is still undecided.

Vote preference with leaners
Scott Brown 42%
Elizabeth Warren 47%
Some other candidate 2%
Don’t Know / Undecided 8%
Refused 1%

Leaners split evenly between Warren and Brown, but 8% still remained undecided. Only the topline is currently available (pdf). UPDATE (by David): Crosstabs are now available at this link (PDF).

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Fri 28 Apr 2:31 AM