BMG Canvass for E. Warren in Lowell on Saturday

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We had so much fun on the last BMG canvass we’re heading back to Lowell. A group of us toured Lowell National Historic Park, knocked on some doors and went to a restaurant together. Charley, Lynne and I thought that we should plan more canvasses to Lowell. In addition to the National Historic Park there are art studios and much more. Last time things went pretty much as I had planned. Some people went on the boat ride on the canals and then canvassed. Others came to the canvass and went to the restaurant. Some of us did all three. It even worked out the way I had hoped in that family members joined us even if folks couldn’t volunteer. Charley’s parents from out of state joined us on the tour.

Well a few of us are headed back to Lowell on Saturday. We’re meeting at 10:45 AM at the Visitor’s Center at 246 Market Street.  This is the time people need to be there if you want to go on the boat ride. This time we’ll deploy canvassers at 10:45 as well. The rest of the day is flexible. The train from North Station arrives at 10:43 AM. Please let me know if you will be arriving by train.

On Saturday, if you’ve done the boat ride, we’re suggesting a tour of the Boott Cotton Mills Museum. According the website, “It includes the weave room plus interactive exhibits and video programs about the Industrial Revolution, labor, and the rise, fall, and rebirth of Lowell.” At 11 AM there is a ranger led tour that is free with the $6 admission.

10:45 AM Meet at Visitor’s Center. Choose one:
- Canvass
- Boat Ride $8
- Boott Cotton Mills Museum and Tour
12:30 Second wave of canvassers head out, after sightseeing.
Following canvassing, pick a restaurant and relax.

So come to see the sights and then canvass or let family sight see while you volunteer, but please join us. RSVP to KateDonaghue AT aol DOT com.

Lynne likes to call me “Relentess.” I take it as a compliment. Party Chair John Walsh said to me the other day, “I’m surprised that you didn’t canvass on the plane” on the way home from Charlotte. I responded that I pretty much had. Essentially the woman in the seat next to me had been in Charlotte on vacation. She had actually already canvassed a couple of times for E. Warren. She had some questions. I went through my standard first time canvasser training curriculum, including absentee ballot information. She mentioned that she had two college age children who would need to vote absentee. I just happened to have a few family absentee ballot applications in my carry-on luggage. Two more votes for Elizabeth Warren.




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  1. Lynne is coming!

    Quoted without permission…
    “Sigh. You are evil….I will try to be there for the morning canvass.”

    • She is evil, evil evil evil

      and if my yard work doesn’t get done before it gets real cold, I am blaming you!


      • Lynne, et al - Yard Work or a Democratic Senate

        I have a vivid recollection of a heartfelt conversation with a woman who was dying of cancer. She said to me how much she regretted all the time she had spent on keeping a clean house. She wished she had spent more time on other things.

        If someone said to you that you can either have a tidy lawn or a Democratic majority in the U. S Senate, which would you choose? ‘Nuff said. See you on Saturday at 10:45 AM.

  2. We did have a good time

    AND I got to canvass my old neighborhood, the last apartment we had before we bought our house, and chat with the wife of my old landlord. So that was cool.

    The pesky trees that lined the street where we used to park, which in a wind storm dropped a ginormous limb into our back window, fell down recently. VINDICATION! Those things were a hazard!

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