Scott Brown’s Website Calling Warren “Fake Indian”

Professor of Native American Studies Scott Brown continues his "just look at her" campaign. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Scott Brown had launched a new website with little fanfare earlier this month documenting his votes to help the middle class all of his attacks on Elizabeth Warren. It’s truly bizarre, this is the kind of stuff you see from shadowy third party groups.

Via the Glen Johnson at the time of the website’s release:

The website is a grab bag of virtually every attack Brown has launched on Warren in their race for the Senate. The site asserts the “real Elizabeth Warren” is “not who she says she is” and exhorts voters to “stop her!”

Brown has an entire section called “Fake Indian”:

The site includes seven sections, each one a knock against Warren.

One section, dubbed “the rant,” includes a link to Warren’s much-discussed speech about the role of government in building businesses, which the website calls “the anti-capitalist tirade heard ‘round the world.”

In another section, “fake Indian,” the site includes snippets of news stories about Warren’s claims to Cherokee and Delaware heritage.

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  1. "Fake Senator"

    WOW. What a bigot.

    I have come to expect nothing less from our “Fake Senator”.


    The site’s been up since at least Sept. 5th when mentioned in this thread:

    “Women for Brown” sends Warren basket of laundry supplies

    Brown has a history of racist and sexist actions.

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