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Far Right extremists -- the Republicans who brought you the invasion of Iraq for WMDs and the 2008 financial collapse -- line up behind Scott Brown. -Bob

The big question now is whether Brown will publicly denounce this distasteful third-party involvement in the race. No, it's not a violation of the letter of the People's Pledge, but it sure is inconsistent with the spirit. - promoted by david

Message I received on my phone machine this morning:

“Hi, this is Crossroads GPS with a message about Elizabeth Warren.
Elizabeth Warren is part of the 1%, 1% truth and 99% fiction.
Professor Warren claims to be the brains behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.
She has been accused of scientific misconduct and she claimed to be of Native American descent when no such record of that exists.
Elizabeth Warren is 100% out of touch with reality
Vote no on Elizabeth Warren for US Senate.
Paid for by Crossroads GPS. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee.

Crossroads GPS is Karl Rove’s group. Mr Rove is one devious……..

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  1. Ah, Crossroads, so moderate and bipartisany

    They oppose the 2011 Jobs Act.

    They support a Constitutional balanced budget amendment (where we’re they when Bush turned the Clinton surplus into a huge deficit? Funny how the right only cares about deficits when Democrats are in power)

    They also support the Republican Ways And Means Chair’s efforts to cut corporate taxes (the Republican fantasy returns that if you cut corporate taxes, you increase revenue. Because it worked out exactly that way last time. Or not.)

    They oppose President Obama’s healthcare reform and are working to repeal it.

    They want to roll back government regulations of numerous types – financial, environmental, you name it

    They oppose the estate tax.

    They want a ‘flatter’ — that is, less progressive and more regressive — tax system.

    They are flat-out lying that President Obamama wants to increase taxes on all Americans.

    They claim Obamacare is a government takeover of healthcare. I know some progressives who wish that we’re true, but it’s not even close.

    They support Mitt Romney and oppose Sherrod Brown, Tim Kaine, Tammy Baldwin, and Jon Tester, among others. Open Secrets says they’ve spent more than $25 million this cycle attacking Democrats and less than $320K supporting Republicans. The perfect Scott Brown partner.

  2. Crossroads is nothing but Karl Rove's attempt...

    .. to make Karl Rove rich.

    I think it is a brilliant scam. Get billionaires to give you a few hundred million every few years by convincing them that you can keep their tax bills low, keep a few percent, and die a wealthy man.

    If the polls are to be believed, they’ve been horribly ineffective in almost all the swing states and close Senate races. If I was a right wing billionaire, I’d probably demand my money back.

  3. Ridiculous stuff from Crossroads GPS - typical lies actually

    The most Warren could say about Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Boston was “Everyone must obey the law”. She never showed her pink nose at Occupy even once. On the other hand, fascist dogma is that the rest of us are barely better than imbeciles, and if they repeat lies enough times, the imbeciles will believe them. Therefore, these statements by Crossroads are classic fascist BS.

    • DeFranco was the Occupy candidate

      I remembered hearing Warren say that quote during our Democrats’ debate in Lowell. I myself only walked with a friend in Occupy Dewey Square once, but we were not campers in the tents.

      I joined sign-holding and phone banked for Elizabeth Warren yesterday. The enemy sign-holders were polite to us in the intersection, but all in vain. We must crush them with our ballots (I mailed my absentee ballot before hopping across two debate watch parties) to check and balance Scalia.

  4. Got one of these Tuesday.

    I was incensed as soon as I heard “Crossroads GPS”, but I knew that this is NOT violating the agreement, which is for advertising.

    Unfortunately for Rove & Co, all of my neighbors hang up on political robocalls just like I do (though perhaps without the voluminous swearing into the phone), so I don’t think his message is getting through to the “undecideds”. Or anybody else.

    • I'm torn between hanging up on these calls

      and putting the phone down for a few minutes to waste their phone budget a bit.

  5. They called my land line too.

    Too bad it was a recording – my wife has a police whistle she blows when it’s real live wingnut calling.

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