Asbestos Victims’ Law Firm: Scott Brown Lies

Scott Brown's asbestos ad is profoundly dishonest. Full stop. - promoted by david

[From LiL. Another nail in the coffin. Get the word out, everyone.]

Scott Brown wants to make this race about character, so let’s take him up on it. Let’s judge Brown’s character by what he is willing to lie about.

In this ad, Brown wants you to believe that Elizabeth Warren’s work on behalf of Travelers was against asbestos victims. He literally pulls out Globe quotes out of context from ends of sentences, ignoring the rest of the sentence which totally changes the meaning of everything. This is completely morally bankrupt, as I’ve pointed out before.

In a letter to clients, asbestos lawyers Thornton & Naumes want to set the record straight. In it is one of the most cogent and simple explanations for what really happened in the Supreme Court case of Travelers Insurance and the settlement trust.

To our clients:

In the recent debate between Massachusetts US Senate candidates, Scott Brown charged that Elizabeth Warren represented Travelers Insurance Company against asbestos victims. We presume this is an important issue for you, and want to assure that you have an accurate understanding of this situation.

  1. Asbestos victims, represented by several law firms including Thornton & Naumes, sued Travelers.
  2. Asbestos victims and Travelers SETTLED the case for $500 Million.
  3. Another insurance company challenged the establishment of that fund, and that challenge went to the Supreme Court.
  4. Elizabeth Warren represented Travelers at the Supreme Court, and thereby the interests of asbestos victims, to protect the settlement.
  5. Elizabeth Warren won the case for Travelers and the victims, and the settlement was upheld at that stage.
  6. After Elizabeth Warren’s work was finished, and she was no longer their counsel, Travelers has attempted to renege on other grounds. Thornton & Naumes will continue to litigate that issue on behalf of its clients.
  7. The Asbestos Workers Union in Massachusetts has endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

We are well aware that political choices are made based on many factors. We are not recommending or suggesting how you should vote in this election. We do feel, however, that if your decision is based in part on this issue, you are entitled to the truth.

Can you see why I am so angry now? I don’t personally know anyone who died of asbestos, but I know people who have family members who died of mesothelioma. Since this issue has been brought to the fore, I have met more family members. They are angry.

This sort of crass lying and exploitation of victims of a horrible disease ought to disqualify Scott Brown for reelection. It speaks volumes about character – just not in the way he would have it. Full, readable image of the letter on the flip.



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  1. Thank You for posting this simple explanation. The Boston Globe should be doing the same thing. Scott Brown is grossly distorting the facts of this case and using the written words of Globe article to do so. He needs to be called out for this untruthful manipulation of the facts. I am furious about this.

    • If I were the Globe...

      …I’d be pissed. That article from last spring was detailed and had some good reporting. To have it distorted and used in this way…shameful. Nevermind how awful this is from the victims’ perspective.

  2. Brown attacked Warren on this tonight...

    …and she did not defend her work, which I think she should have.

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