Cloud 9? PPP: Warren leads 53-44

Safe to say that, as far as polling is concerned, there is a clear trend in this race. Look for more nasty coming from Team Brown, which is apparently out of ideas other than dishonest attacks. - promoted by david

New poll just released.  Last week PPP had Warren up 50-44.  With all the usual caveats about taking nothing for granted and continuing to knock on doors, call voters, etc., this is good news.

Brown’s approval down, Warren’s favorability up, Obama bouncing back from his nadir in last week’s PPP poll.  PPP’s memo here.



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  1. I get the feeling the Nasty well is dry.

    The law license thing was the next big nasty, but it appears to have spectacularly fizzled.

  2. Brown getting even more desperate.

    He is now accusing the Warren campaign of hiring actors for her asbestos ads. Needless to say, that is not sitting too well with said “actors”.

  3. These PPP numbers are incredible

    Warren’s 9-point lead is clearly beyond margin of error (+/- 3.7%) in this poll.

    Her net favorability rating is now substantially higher than his. Her favorability is +9 (52% positive, 43% negative). Brown’s has plummeted to just +1 (46% approval, 45% disapproval).

    Warren is now ahead of Brown among men (50-48) as well as among women (55-40).

    Warren has “cut Brown’s lead with independents almost in half over the last two months, from 26 points in August to now just 15 points. And she has the Democratic base pretty unified around her with 81% planning to vote for her compared to only 14% who are siding with Brown,” says Public Policy Polling.

  4. Beware the Polling Roller Coaster

    There will be lots of polls with lots of different results over the next three weeks.

    It’s fun to read the polls, but we need to keep the pedal to the medal.

  5. if only the obama people took notice

    Talking about enforcement of criminal activity (by corporations or by welfare cheats) is popular with voters, especially moderates and people who try to work hard and play by the rules. This would account for an increase in the popularity of Romney here (his superPacs are trying to make an example of people abusing EBTs, foodstamps, phones, and other benefits) at the same time as Warren is gaining.

    Obama needs to get out the info on fraud, abuse, double billing, ponzi schemes (Tagg Romney is linked to one) that his justice department, HHS, and other regulators have stopped in their tracks.

  6. SSSS! Don't tell Rob "Eabo Clipper" Eno

    that the nasty well is dry. He is still beating the dead horse of all dead horses at Red Mass Group about David Kravitz being silent on Elizabeth Warren’s law license. I realize this is slipping into “Feeding the Trolls” but I really just need to say, there is not a single vote in all of Massachusetts that is going to change because of this stupidity.

    Shut the Hell UP already! No one gives a rat’s arse, you snotty-faced heap of Parrot Droppings.

  7. "Corporate welfare" should still be on the table

    I think that there is no down side to the President using the term “corporate welfare”. Yes, Warren is more progressive (or more anti-corporate) than Obama. But Obama’s reputation is not one of fiscal conservatism due to the size of the deficit he inherited from the 2008 crisis.

    Attacking corporate welfare is consistent with Obama’s attack on the subsidies to oil companies.

    Attacking corporate welfare is inherently fiscally conservative.

    What you are saying is, we don’t want the government to go bankrupt, we can’t afford this spending. We owe it to future generations not to continue reckless spending of our tax dollars.

    If the RIGHT WING wants to continue attacking welfare/food stamp programs that cost what, 150 billion a year ?? then Obama should be out there saying that for every dollar the Right wants to cut in welfare, he wants to cut $2, or $3. Because the tax code clearly has at least $300 billion in breaks to companies who are just using it to pay their executives $5 million salaries, or even using it to invest in factories overseas that take jobs away from American workers.

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