Warren Field Office Humming on a Wednesday Morning

Bumped. Because Elizabeth Warren is going to win this race field office by field office, house by house, person by person. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Left to right: Camilla Elvis, Annie Nagle, Field Organizer, and Kacey Read: on it for truth, justice, and the American Way.

As a follow-up to Ernie’s apt post below noting the incredible drop-off in street support for Brown/Scalia┬áthis year compared with last time around, I stopped by the combined campaign’s office on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge this morning for a spot check on Warren’s field operation. The sign on the door said it opened at 10 am. Bang on time, I found┬áCamilla Elvis, Annie Nagle, Field Organizer, and Kacey Read, among others, making telephone calls, handing out bumper stickers, distributing yard signs, and organizing canvassing efforts in a clean, organized, efficient work space. (Other campaigners, which at this office includes Obama for America and Marjorie Decker for State Representative, were making telephone calls).

Scott Brown, in Charlie Pierce’s memorable phrase, looks like he is wearing an office two sizes too big for him. Warren’s disciplined, organized, state-wide ground effort, by contrast, is buttoned-up and ready to go with about a month until the vote.

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