Button up, or, fashion tips for doorknob-hanger hangers

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It’ll be in the low 30s tonight when volunteers are out hanging those remember-to-vote reminders on door knobs.

Not exactly Jack London territory, but if you are going to be out for 2 hours in the coldest night of the season so far, dress appropriately.

Unlike a lot of cold-weather activity, walking from house to house, with frequent stops to check your list or hang a hanger, is not very aerobic. So layers must substitute for exercise warmth.

I’ll be wearing long underwear and these great wool socks that I originally bought for winter cycling.

My insulated trench coat is perfect for this–it give great coverage and has big pockets. I think I’ll start off with a fleece headband under my wool hat.

Gloves are tricky, because my warmest are thick and clumsy. But my fingers take the cold very quickly, so I may just have to work with it.

A flashlight is a must (a spare is a good idea), and in some locations reflective clothing may be important.

Be warm and safe tonight!


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  1. Thanks!

    I’ll be out here in Newton tonight!

  2. Cold

    but finished in Jmaica Plain. Hugs.

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