Does Secretary of Defense John Kerry = Senator Deval Patrick?

Why not?

Different Dynamics in play than when Ted Kennedy died. Deval appoints himself to vacant spot. Repubs bitch and moan. For the most part Democrats would welcome it. Capuano may take him on in the special but doubtful if he would get traction.

Then comes the dysfunctional family we call the state GOP. Scott Brown won’t have the support within the GOP to walk away with nomination. Not saying he won’t get it just saying it won’t be smooth.

You know what? The goodwill and charisma the governor has far outweighs the loss of votes based on the self-appointment. In other words, don’t worry about looking like a dick by sending yourself to the Senate because you can get away with it.

Now. Not last year, and probably not again. Conditions are right.

Much better than the temporary A.G. gig where you have take orders from people not as bright as you.

Go fot it!!

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  1. His Excellency continues to insist...

    …he’s not going anywhere. I’d like him to run, but appointing himself won’t go over well.

  2. A lot of people would like him to run.

    He’s made it pretty clear he’s not interested. I do not blame him either.
    Really, you might as well hope for a third term.

  3. I think David Bernstein said it best

    I saw this in my facebook feed earlier:

    Regarding incessant speculation that Deval Patrick will run for Senate: I am 90% certain that he’d rather have his balls blowtorched off, and I am 95% certain that’s what Diane would do to him if he ran.

  4. What about Tim Murray

    Since his vacancy would not require a special election, should Tim Murray be considered?
    I may be alone in this, but I could see supporting him either as the interim Senator or as the actual candidate. That is, of course, if he has not spent the last few years building support for running for governor.

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