Ricks on Fox: “Wing of the Republican Party”

Pulitzer Prize winning military journalist Tom Ricks called it like it is yesterday on Fox: the network is a wing of the Republican Party.

Fox couldn’t handle the truth, and cut him off. “Whattabunchawimps,” Ricks wrote on his blog for Foreign Policy magazine in a post titled “Ricks mocks Fox, which cuts and runs.”

The best part of the exchange is the expression on the face of the Fox anchor after Ricks confronts him with the Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name about the propaganda corporation he is working for: he looks like he was just fed a red pill. Then they go to a break.

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  1. "Fairness doctrine", anyone?

    Fox News still targets primarily cable and broadcast viewers, and as such occupies scarce and heavily-regulated resources — specific frequencies of cable transmission and a portion of the broadcast spectrum for over-the-air transmission.

    A traditional justification for the old “fairness doctrine” was that the use of such limited resources imposed an obligation of “fairness” — and the appearance of neutrality — on any licensee. Funny how it was the GOP who successfully repealed that needed restraint, powered by corporate money. Funny how Mr. Murdoch seems to have gotten in very hot water in the UK.

    The repeal of the fairness doctrine, like the earlier imposition of the 22nd amendment, is terrible governance (especially in the context of Citizens United) and has resulted in the nauseating travesty of Fox News.

    The fairness doctrine should be reimposed.

    • Tom Ricks is the man

      Probably wrote the book on Iraq an called it for the Fiasco it was. Called out Petraues before it was cool and is a son of the North Shore (Beverly). I liked this exchange to.

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