GOTV: Instant gratification for you, today only!

It all comes down to this: whoever gets more of their supporters to the polls today, Warren or Brown, will win. All of the polls agree: our Senate race could go either way. Every single vote matters, and they all count the same.

So if you’re like most Americans and crave instant, immediate gratification treat yourself: get your friend, family member or co-worker off the couch, home an hour early, into the voting booth on their lunch break — whatever works — and earn a vote today for Warren. Victory is sweet. Defeat leaves the taste of ashes. Put a smile on your face tonight and do whatever you can to make sure that those close to you VOTE today, right now.

Then, to add to the glow, post your story here. And, when you yourself vote, PLEASE POST TURNOUT NUMBERS IN THE COMMENTS, and include your town and precinct number. To get those numbers, ask the poll workers after you vote: turnout, town and precinct. A minute or two is all it takes.

Campaign staff are monitoring BMG, as they do all media outlets, and will use the information you post to help target resources.

Our Senate election will be close. Every vote matters. This is something tangible you can do to help ensure a Warren win.

The BMG Election Day open thread continues here. Go Warren. Go Obama. Go all the other races and ballot initiatives we have discussed endlessly here, and Go America.


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  1. Voted in Westford!

    Precinct 2 in Westford. Had to wait almost 30 minutes (at 8:30am)! That’s the longest I’ve ever had to wait in my 12 years of living in MA. *So* proud to cast my vote for Warren, Obama and Tsongas, and “Yes” on Q’s 2 and 3!

  2. Took about thirty minutes in Milford

    My daughter and I both voted, she for the first time in a presidential race. After she put her ballot in the reader, she high-fived me in the middle of the polling place, inspiring dozens of smiles among the folks waiting in line!

    We’re at a union hall in Milford making GOTV calls now – vote, vote, vote!

  3. The race is extremely close, so turnout is key

    We’ve got to get all those “lean Warren” possible voters to the polls, not just the “definitely voting Warren and I vote in every election” voters.

    I’m not sure I agree that the race is too close to call, though. Nate Silver has called it :-) … but you only get those results if people who tell pollsters they will probably vote for Warren actually do go vote for Warren.

    94% chance of winning isn’t good enough, because that means 6 out of a hundred times we’d get the wrong result. If you can, volunteer even an hour or two to the campaign later, so we end up 100% happy with the results tonight.

  4. Natick, pct 4

    At 8:20 AM I was number 226. Turnout looked very very good.

  5. Mansfield, Pct. 5

    At 11:40am I was #538 in Mansfield Precinct 5.

  6. Warren for the win!

    I’m cautiously optimistic that Warren is going to pull this out. I’m still smarting too much from Brown/Coakley to be confident.

  7. Lots of Door Hangers

    both in my part of Dorchester (Ward 16, Predinct 2) and on bus ride (public transportation) through Cambridge.

    Also, not even a single Brown Sign on the fence outside my precinct. I get the feeling the Brown neandrathals did not even make in effort inside of Boston.

    • I read online somewhere

      Scott was in West Roxbury this morning asking union Steelworkers to vote for him. They told him to get stuffed and he said something like “Really guys, I’ve been a union member 26 years and you’re gonna bust my chops?”

      Gosh, he really doesn’t get it.

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