Governor Chris Christie and others throw Mitt Romney under the bus

Has a major-party presidential candidate ever fallen from grace this quickly?  It’s only been ten days since Mitt Romney lost his bid for the presidency, and he is well on his way to becoming persona non grata within his own party.

The reason is Romney’s profoundly stupid comments on a conference call during which he blamed his failure to unseat President Obama on Obama’s alleged penchant for giving away free stuff.  Honestly, it’s amazing that he didn’t make reference to the “Obamaphones.”

What Romney really did on that conference call, of course, is demonstrate that his “Etch-A-Sketch” move to the center was pure fiction, and that the real Mitt Romney is the guy we saw in the infamous 47% video.  The guy whose disdain for millions and millions of his fellow Americans is so deep that it’s difficult to fathom.  The guy who has redefined the old adage about being born on third base and thinking that he hit a triple.

Anyway, Republicans who hope to have some kind of future for themselves and for their party are begging Romney not to let the door hit him on the ass as he exits the national scene.  From the ultra-conservative pols like Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker, to the less extreme like Susana Martinez, to the moderate-ish like Chris Christie, to the pundits like Joe Scarborough, nobody is rushing to defend Romney’s idiotic remarks.  Well, almost nobody.  Oh, Bill.  Jon Stewart utterly humiliated you last night.  You really should just stop before it gets worse.

What this reflects, I think, is the degree to which nobody in the GOP ever really liked Romney very much.  Yeah, they voted for him, and they said they wanted him to win and all.  But if this was a guy who had a big reservoir of good will built up inside the party, a dumb remark on a conference call wouldn’t have this immediate and dramatic effect.  In contrast, look at what always happens with Joe Biden’s various gaffes.  Nobody is saying “oh, that’s just Mitt being Mitt.”  These guys all know who the real Mitt Romney is, and they can’t get him off the stage fast enough.

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  1. A crazy defense of Mitt's gift gaffe...

    I hold a generous view of Romney, in that he will say anything to curry favor. I don’t think he’s an A-hole who believes that half the country votes for candidates that gives them free stuff. I think he as no moral compass and says what he needs to say. The context of both his “47%” and “gift” gaffes are that he was speaking (confidentially, he thought) to big GOP fat cats and he thought the rhetoric of “Dems create a dependent class of voters” is what they wanted to hear. And I think he’s right, that is the kind of BS they eat up.

    To buy into the argument that Mitt believes half the country votes to maintain their welfare check, implies that you believes that Mitt Romney believes what he says. I don’t.

    • Another possibility

      is that he lives in a super-rich-guy (and Republican) bubble, has no clue about average Americans’ lives, hears certain statistics thrown about, and assumes that’s how it is these days.

    • I can understand this point of view,...

      … and I think I probably agree that it is difficult at best to know what private equity deal and pitch man actually believes…

      But man oh man am I tired of giving the man the benefit of the doubt – and its at least plausible that this is what he really believes, given his background and history. Others have been propping up his stature and expectations for him his whole life. Combine that with his 1% venture capital accomplishments and a very reasonable resolution to the cognitive dissonance of being both a great white hope and a robber barron is that his robber barron behavior must be moral. Thus robber-barron attitudes aren’t immoral.

  2. Romney's "Gifts"


    During the campaign, Mitt Romney repeatedly promised seniors that he’d restore President Obama’s $716 billion in Medicare cuts. He promised them that, unlike Obama, he wouldn’t permit a single change to Medicare or Social Security for 10 years. He promised them, in other words, political immunity. While the rest of the country was trying to pay down the deficit and prioritize spending, they’d be safe.

    He also promised the rich that they’d see a lower overall tax rate, and while he did say he would try to pay for some of those tax cuts by closing loopholes and deductions, he also said he expected faster growth would pay for those cuts — which means he really was promising tax cuts to the rich at a time when he said deficit reduction should be a top priority. Oh, and let’s not forget his oft-stated intention to roll back the Dodd-Frank financial reforms and replace them with…something.

    Keep all that in mind when you hear Romney blaming his loss on “the gifts” that Obama reportedly handed out to “the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people.”

    The man’s ‘out-of-touch-ness’ isn’t an act.

    Yglesias on ‘Shellshocked’ Romney:

    To speculate a bit, I think that people underestimate how problematic it can be to walk around life being a rich guy. The problem with being rich is that everyone stops telling you what they think and starts trying to get your money. You necessarily end up living your life in a fog of flattery and misinformation. And worse, because Americans genuinely admire rich people even people who aren’t flattering you tend to give undue deference to your bad ideas. Live in that bubble for long enough—and Romney’s been in it for a long time indeed—and you can end up pretty unmoored from reality.

  3. Scott Lively will need an Independent running mate

    in the next MA gubernatorial election, lol.

  4. gifts

    One of Obama’s “gifts,” according to Romney, was $10,000 worth of health insurance per family, even – horrors – those earning $20-30,000 per year. He called that a huge sum. I seem to recall Mittens making a spontaneous casual bet for that amount during the primaries, as if it were pocket change. Roll on, oh mighty Bus of State.

  5. for one last glorious time...

    … the blimp, please??

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