It’s On!! Casino War! Everett v. Revere, Tom Menino v. Carlo DeMaria, Steve Winn v. Ceasars, Joe O’Donnell v. Bob Kraft, Orange Line v. Blue Line, Mystic River v. Chelsea Creek, Everett High Football v. The MassPort Jets, Santarpios v. Richie’s Slush, Jevelli’s v. The Silver Fox, Rt. 99 v. 1A, Oil Tanks v. LNG Tanks, Day Square v. Glendale Square, and Bob DeLeo v. ? The Ghost of George Keverian Perhaps?

Possibly the best title of a BMG post ever. And EB3 is right: this photo from the front page of today's Globe looks less like a business meeting than ... well, than a "business meeting." ;-)
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Question. If Joe O’Donnell loves Everett so much (which he does) why hasn’t he located a business there or been part of a development there or something? Ya know? Why doesn’t Joe, the son of an Everett cop do business there?


I’m sure he’s hired a shit load of Everett kids over the years and is the first with a check for something needed.

Think of it. He treats Everett like family. And who wants to work with their family? Especially if the family is Everett. (You all know I hate Everett, right?)

Check out the picture on the front page of today’s Globe. I thought for sure they had found another Whitely related body somewhere next to Dorchester Bay. The big black SUVs with darkened windows and a bunch of white guys in suits standing around. Where’s the tent to conceal the digging?

Personally I think Everett’s a better location and will be easier to get done from a political perspective. Don’t believe me? Then check out Joan Vennoci’s column today on the trouble Eastie types have caused Logan Airport over the last 40 years and some of these people are now gunning to stop the casino.

The Everett location is better for many reasons including location, neighborhood impact, interstate highway access, bus, subway,commuter line, and water transport, and  less neighborhood objection.

It’s alos a better location for a nearby soccer stadium which now seems to be in play for both sites. The O’Donnell group recently floated building a much need soccer stadium at the old Wonderland Dog Track with an approximate seating capacity of thirty thousand.

I think this move may have changed things a little and I would not be surprised if that got Bob and Jonathan Kraft attention and on the phone to Steve Winn. There is a site in Somerville closer to the proposed Everett site than Wonderland is to Suffolk on which the Krafts have wanted to build a similar stadium for years.

After all they do own the local professional soccer team which currently plays in Foxboro. Yet most soccer fans are immigrants and there is a real concentration of them and their off-spring close to Boston.

All this must have O’Donnell worried. He knows Everett. Let’s just say the city has a history of playing ball. If you know what I mean.

Now the Suffolk Downs site has a spanking new Revere Police station right outside the gate. These guys are salivating  over the details and paid overtime not to mention the opportunities for the less than holy law enforcement types to make some cash from or inflict some beatings on out of town gambers.

They also built a brand new bridge to Chelsea so the drug dealers and prostitutes will have better access to clients.

Everett doesn’t need the bridge. And the Everett police. I doubt anyone here remembers King Arthurs. Way way back an off -duty cop was shit-faced in the King Arthur’s strip club in Chelsea. I’m not sure if he got thrown out or had some lip with one of the wise guys there, but anyway the Everett cop was typical and called out his on-duty Everett cops to come to Chelsea and fight his fight.

They were more than willing and came right over. They then busted into a motel room (only the best strip clubs have on-site motels) and beat to death a made wise guy. Cost the city millions and a few guys went to jail.

Ahhh, Everett.


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  1. Toss the gun. Get the cannolis

    Somehow that picture made me think of that famous quote made in the tall grass.

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