Honor has been restored to the Commonwealth.

This is your SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN open thread. Kudos to you, BMGers: you saw the opportunity for Warren first, seized it hardest, and worked for it with heart and soul and keyboards.

Victory is ours, according to NBC and others, and it is SWEET.


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  1. congrats, senator

    all best wishes.

  2. Woot! Senator-elect Warren!

    Goodbye, Scott Brown – don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

  3. Franklin and Eleanor are beaming.

    Time to take back our party.

  4. So proud to have Elizabeth Warren as my Senator. A lot of us worked very hard over many months to help make this happen, but it’s truly thanks to a magnificent candidate who ran a fantastic campaign who is willing to battle big money and stand on the site of us average citizens. Thank you, Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren. How blessed are we to have had Senator Ted Kennedy and now Elizabeth Warren. Wow.

  5. Scotty's concession speech

    seems to hint at another run.

    I just wish he’d shut up about his truck, already.

  6. It's not going to sink in for me

    until I see her in DC skewering some corporate fat cat from the halls of the Senate.

    And I will bring popcorn.

    RyansTake   @   Tue 6 Nov 11:25 PM
  7. Yes!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Even Tierney might pull it out thanks to Libertarian!

  8. Yahoo!


  9. A great night

    for Elizabeth, for Massachusetts, and for our country….

  10. Two things

    1. I thought it a mistake to nationalize the election. This tuened out not to be the case.

    2. I did not think that pretending Brown was Jesse Helms would work; it did.

    Well done.

  11. So proud of MA!

    Elizabeth Warren will be fantastic…. her acceptance speech was emotional and inspiring.

    Nice that it was on the 50th anniversary of Ted Kennedy’s first win. He smiles down for sure.

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