Looks like Tierney! (UPDATED 2x)

This was a surprise, frankly. I think Tierney might have some thank-you cards to write to the Warren campaign ... Tisei's problems I've outlined below. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

With 4 precincts left (3 in North Reading and the whole town of Essex) Tierney is up by almost 5,000 votes.  I expect Essex to be pretty close and North Reading to go for Tisei, but not be enough to overcome a 4,950 vote hole.  In the one precinct in North Reading that has reported, Tisei won by about 500 votes.  Replicate that over all four of the outstanding precincts and Tierney’s still up about 3,000.  Looks like a squeaker but a win.  AP has called it with 98% reporting.

UPDATE:  I thought Essex would be close but wow.  Tisei 1,004, Tierney 999.  5 votes.  That leaves three precincts in North Reading for Tisei to pick up 4,963 votes.  Since those precincts will total about 6,300 votes in all, that’s highly unlikely.  Looks even more like Tierney squeaked back in.

UPDATE 2: Outstanding North Reading precincts in.  Tierney wins by 3,650 votes, 179,603 to 175,953.  That’s 48.25% for Tierney, 47.27% for Tisei, and 4.48% for Daniel Fishman, the Libertarian candidate.  Note that Fishman received almost 17,000 votes, more than enough to tip it to Tierney.  Thank you libertarians!


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  1. am I punchy?

    Or does boston.com NOT have a story on the race in the 6th?

    • It's on the bottom left of the homepage

      Here is the link.

      It was up late last night. Also mentioned on front page of today’s Globe, which I actually bought. Had to get the Herald too, for posterity! They must have hated making those front pages!

  2. As a constituent

    I hope John’s near death experience has taught him something. Like he needs something resembling constituent service.

  3. As a constituent

    Congressman Tierney has always been responsive when I have asked for time and for his support on issues. It’s exactly that record that voters recognized by returning him to Congress yesterday.

    On another note – you run the race as it is presented. Third party candidates are a reality. Tierney and Tesei both knew going in they had to deal with a third party candidate. Apparently Tierney not Tesei knew how to run to win.

    The Globe says ove $5 milion in ads against Tierney ($3.2 M in Super PAC and $1.7 M from Tesei) and I never saw an ad telling me what Tesei stood for. And since John Tierney was never charged or convicted of any wrong doing it was just empty attack ads targeting a candidate’s wife. Come to think of it if Tesei had won he would have fit in well with the Legit Rape Causus of the Tea Party – women are to blame for eveything.

    And finally, I got to vote for Congressman Tierney using both hands – no need to hold my nose and vote. The only smell was coming from the Tesei Campaign.

    • Amen

      ‘nuf said.

    • Yeah?

      Seriously? Are you a constitutent? Because when I brought with me two consitutents to meet with him in his DC office a few years back, the appointment wasn’t kept. We get it – things happen. But when I complained (because he waltzed into the office at the same time, with a woman who was clearly more important than constitutents), we were given an appointment the next day, which was kept. Unfortunately, he was completely misinformed about the status of a bill filed by Congressman Frank and I told him so. His Chief of Staff called to apologize. Needless to say, I was less than impressed. “nuf said” now. I hope the man improves dramatically.

      • Seriously a constituent

        Who at my request has met with Congressman Tierney over the past 16 years off and on. And who supported his primary opponent Jeff Hayward way back when. The Congressman knew that as well and did the outreach to build relationships with me and others.

        And from your post I take it you had the chance (even if it took more time than you think it should) to give him your position on a bill he was “misinformed” about. He listened, he may not have agreed – I know I have disagreed with some of the Congressman’s positions. He let me make a case and was an informed voter when he pulled the lever. I don’t expect an elected official to agreed with me 100% of the time.

        FYI. I have met Congressman Tierney in Massachusetts mostly so can’t speak to what might be happening in his Capital Hill office while he is also trying to meet with constiutuents and deal with Congress.

        Bottom line is you and I disagree on how well he does this constituency services. Fair enough. My problem has always been with the personal attacks -the stuff not backed up with any evidence (what the feds wouldn’t have loved to nail a Congressman when they investigated his extended family?). He answered what he knew – like Karl Rove and Ohio -some people can’t accept an answer they disagree with, so John must be lying.

        John Tierney stood up in a tough campaign. He stands by his votes. He stood by his wife (not sure I want a Congressman representing me that would have thrown his wife under a bus because of political pressure). For the next two years John Tierney will be voting for the 6th CD not the Republican agenda. Again, thank goodness

        • Nearly half the district

          agrees with me, and I am a lifelong Democrat, worker in the trenches. I have met with him and his DC office and local office. It’s not an office I enjoy going to, because if it’s not veteran issues or something easy – they’re not that good. Just saying. And like I said, I hope he improves dramatically.

          • and a majorty of the District

            agrees with me. Like you, I’m a lifelong Dem and a political grunt. I’ve met with Congressman Tierney on immigration work, worker rights, retraining, federal funding issues. A variety of issues and came away feeling I was heard.

            Facing a large number of first voters because of a new District and being under a barrage of attack ads, a majority of voters still voted Tierney. He did well with voters who know him (Lynn, Salem, etc) and held his own in the new parts of the District.

            That said, I’m sure he can improve on services if need be.

          • nearly half the district



            RyansTake   @   Fri 9 Nov 12:57 PM
      • So, the problem was

        he was busy and had to cancel a meeting, but rescheduled one for you the next day and kept that appointment?

        and that you didn’t like what he had to say?

        Well, issue #1 seems like a pretty great example of constituent services to me. Congressmen get busy, but at least you know he wasn’t giving you the end-run-around — like some Congressmen and women may — since he scheduled an appointment with you the very (!) next (!!) day (!!!).

        Issue #2 has absolutely, positively nothing to do with constituent services. Your thoughts on his preparedness are completely subjective and we only have your word for it, but there are literally tens of thousands of bills. A congressman cannot be an expert on all of them, or even most of them.

        If they don’t know much about the bill you’re concerned about well, then you should take that as an opportunity to better inform him… not huff and puff about it on an internet forum… “filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

        RyansTake   @   Fri 9 Nov 12:54 PM
  4. Thank goodness

    I am so glad that this guy will be there to prevent a GOP majority in the House.

  5. Gotta love Lynn

    it delivered, nearly 3-1.

    There may be a few other similarly-sized cities in Mass with progressives, party and labor activists who are about as well organized, but none better.

    RyansTake   @   Wed 7 Nov 8:54 PM
  6. Reality Numbers

    Congressman Tierney actually ran ahead of Elizabeth Warren in important communities such as Gloucester, Lynn and Salem. But the coordinated campaign was wonderfully effective and no thank-yous are necessary.

  7. Please give us a better candidate next time

    He only won because of the broken voting system. More people who voted would have preferred Tisei to Tierney and should have gotten him.

    • Huh?

      “He only won because of the broken voting system.”


      What broken voting system? If you’re going to make such a large claim, back that up. Pronto.

      “More people who voted would have preferred Tisei to Tierney and should have gotten him.”

      More people who voted? If more people who voted “would have preferred” Tisei, why didn’t they actually vote for him? Was his name missing from the ballot? Did Republicans or Republican leaners get kicked out of polling locations? If voters would have preferred Tisei, why didn’t they vote for him?

      I submit… you are supremely deluding yourself. Voters in the 6th District preferred John Tierney, and they “should have gotten” him, too, because he won the election.

      RyansTake   @   Thu 8 Nov 12:53 PM

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