‘‘married to a known equestrian.’’

It gets harder and harder to take the Republicans’ own attempts at reviewing the election outcomes as serious, especially after this quote from Haley Barbour at the RGA:

‘‘His whole campaign was a fear-and-smear attack to make Romney unacceptable and to blame George Bush for anything that happened while Obama was president,’’ Barbour said. ‘‘This was all personal: that Romney is a vulture capitalist who doesn’t care about people like you, ships jobs overseas, is a quintessential plutocrat and is married to a known equestrian.’’

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  1. Yes, personal

    The pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA did some focus groups. As the New York Times quoted its founder, focus group members simply did not believe that Romney, Ryan or the Republicans wanted to do things like voucherize Medicare. In other words, they found the Republicans’ proposals to be so extreme as to be implausible.

    A key, it turned out, to getting people to believe that the Republicans were really proposing what they were literally proposing was exactly these kinds of attacks on personality. Once Romney had been tarred with the plutocrat label, focus group members could believe that he proposed what he actually proposes.

    And yes, this says something very sad about the American electorate.

    • Wow

      I can’t believe they just didn’t believe it. That’s been Paul Ryan’s very public plan for quite a while now.

      Glad it worked this time but wow.

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