Next Boston City Council President Banking on Tom Menino Dropping Dead: Nice, Real Nice

Let me get this straight. If the mayor of Boston leaves office for any reason the city council president serves out his term.

Currently Tom Menino is due for re-election next November if he wants to start another term in January.

This time around there is a much stronger than usual battle for the council presidency that will be voted on the beginning of the year.

Hmmmm, so are these statesman making the case to fellow members for their support counting on Mayor Menino resigning or dying?

My money is on them banking on his death rather than the former. I mean he’s freakin Tom Menino. He ain’t resigning.

The guy just spent a spring trainings worth of time in the hospital and nobody believes he’s even considering kissing the job goodbye before the term ends.

So, what cold hearted a-holes, really.

Hey dudes, I can’t remember the last person taken out of Spaulding Rehab with the sheet over the face. You know what I mean?

The guy’s coming back and he knows what each and everyone of you has been up to. That sucks for you.

Even if the mayor decides not to seek another term you can be sure he will put road blocks in your election possibilities as much he can. After all he will still be the mayor during the election.

BTW, on the same subject, how about the Globe’s Kevin Cullen’s that’s-the-best-you-can-do column today on Suffolk District Attorney Dan “Search and Avoid” Conley? Obviously the Globe’s way of keeping Conley’s name in the mix for mayor as the talk ramps up.

So what did Cullen write about as an example of what a great person/district attorney/public servant Conley is?

The fact that Little Man Dan is not standing in the way of a pardon for two old time gangsters wrongfully convicted of murder because the feds lied to protect the real murderers. They spent years and years in the can for this. They were eventually exonerated.

Cullen’s making Conley look good by just showing up. That’s my point. The best Cullen could find on him.

The guy is a danger in his current capacity. I can go through a list of things I’ve written before on his actions and inactions.

One thing is for sure.Dan has a problem when the judiciary does not do exactly as he and his puppeteers the police want. Little Man Dan temper tantrums.


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  1. Typical!

    A couple of weeks ago, you were saying that there was gender reassignment surgery in the works. Now you are predicting that other people you have probably never met have become vultures and are banking on his death. The only A-Hole I see in all this is EB3.


    • I'm Sorry Mike

      At the time I wrote it I truly believed the Mayor was getting gender reassignment surgery. I mean, I could have never made something like up.
      Needless to say there is some embarrassment in getting that scoop wrong.

      But I must move on. Go forward and do the best I can.
      I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me from my blogging error.

      Peace be with my friend. Peace be with you.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 27 Nov 4:15 PM
  2. Also, consider H.S. Truman

    When he was selected to be VP for FDR, it was assumed that FDR would not survive another full term. It is the job of the City Council to give thought to the future of Boston, in the event that the City Council President needs to step into the position.

    Of all the current city councilor’s, the absolute LAST Person I would want to see become mayor is Stephen Murphy.

  3. Ernie, for what it's worth

    …there is more than enough fear (mixed with ambition) on the Fifth Floor that no one wants to be the next Flaherty or Floon.

    So everyone will keep their mouths shut while the sweat overloads the City Hall HVAC system.

    Thanks to the resources poured into Menino’s operation, a political machine that saw its best days in 1997 is back from the grave, and no one in the current body has even a minimal political Citywide organization, absent the Mayor’s support.

    At present Tom Menino is only vulnerable if he’s comatose. He can easily run the City from a hospital room, and Spaulding Rehab means a no-heavy-lifting exercise in leadership, albeit with a lot of pilgrimages to Cherterfield Street. If the Mayor passes, we’re back to 1991. Menino had a conditional organization (“If Ray doesn’t run, will you support me?”) by the end of February of that year.

    It’s gonna be interesting times, in the Chinese sense of that phrase.

    • "Yoon", not "Floon"

      Freudian slip there. Ex-Councillor John Tobin created that contraction for the two political flatliners (Michael Flaherty and Sam Yoon) that ran against Menino in ’09.

  4. They are all running for Council President...

    …but nobody is raising money like they plan to run for Mayor in 2013.

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