Romney’s Dixville Notch problem

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The national headlines show that Dixville Notch gave Barack Obama 5 votes, and Mitt Romney 5 votes. A tie. We stayed up to midnight for a lousy tie?

But wait – what is this? Charlie Bass won 6 votes to Ann McLane Kuster’s 3 (an independent candidate got the tenth vote).  Ovide Lamontagne won 7 votes to Maggie Hassan’s 3.

I’m not a New Hampshire expert, but my impression of the race is that Ovide Lamontagne isn’t a particularly strong candidate, and to have Mitt Romney lagging behind Lamontagne and Bass can’t be a terribly good sign for Romney.

Of course, what happens in Dixville Notch stays in Dixville Notch, and I am not going to mistake Dixville Notch as some sort of trend. But it could be, and if it is it is certainly not very good news for Mitt Romney.

Also, the tie lasted only a few minutes, as Hart’s Location announced their votes. Obama 23, Romney 9, Johnson 2. With two towns reporting, Obama now has 63.6% of the counted voted.

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