Watch Out for Steve Lynch

With a Stepford Wives cast of liberal Democrats running for the senate nomination in a special election Steve Lynch could clinch it.

Sheeit. What percentage of votes will it take? 20-25? Less?

Lynch won’t have the full support of the unions. But he will have the members, a good portion of their families, and a significant number of people who voted for either Brown or Warren.

Lynch knows how to organize as well as anyone.

Scott Brown, or anyone else the Repubs put up will go down and go down hard against him.

On the flip side Rich Tisie IMO could beat a liberal dem for the Senate. The anti Tea Party Republican.


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  1. I would NEVER support the RINO Stephen Lynch

    He voted against the affordable care act and in many ways, has supported Republican policies. On the advice of several BMGers, I held my nose and did not blank on this pathetic excuse for a Democrat.

    If a brick or some other inanimate object ran against Lynch, I would vote for the brick at this point!!!

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Wed 29 Mar 3:07 PM