What happens if….

Governor Patrick, who according to the rag “The Herald’, is on his way to DC for a dinner with the President. If:

1) He is offered a cabinet position, and
2) He accepts.

I get that Tim Murray would become Governor, but would:
* the Lt. Governor’s position remain open?
* someone else like Senate President Therese Murray move into that spot?
* there be a special election?

I know it happened recently when Weld left, but I don’t remember what occurred.



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  1. None of the above.

    The position of Lt. Governor would remain vacant. Or more accurately, the position of Governor would remain vacant, but the Lt. Governor would be the acting governor.

    Under amendment LV of the State Constitution:

    Whenever the offices of governor and lieutenant-governor shall both be vacant, by reason of death, absence from the commonwealth, or otherwise, then one of the following officers, in the order of succession herein named, namely, the secretary, attorney-general, treasurer and receiver-general, and auditor, shall, during such vacancy, have full power and authority to do and execute all and every such acts, matters and things as the governor or the lieutenant-governor might or could lawfully do or execute, if they, or either of them, were personally present.

    So, no Senate President Murray is not in the line of succession. And Secretary Galvin served as acting governor several times when Cellucci and Swift were acting governors, and out of state.

    And in the case of a vacancy in the other constitutional offices, a joint session of the legislature would appoint.

  2. Murray becomes Acting Governor

    Steve Grossman becomes Governor-in-Waiting
    Scott Brown renews as the Herald‘s object of affection.

    sabutai   @   Fri 9 Nov 9:31 PM
  3. Actually...

    …wouldn’t Tim Murray get a boost on a full term if he becomes acting Governor, thus making it more difficult for Grossman and others?

    • I suppose

      He needs more than that in my book. Acting Governor Murray will have to deal with 4am crash Murray.

      sabutai   @   Sat 10 Nov 6:23 PM
      • It would be really sad if

        “4am crash Murray” damaged Murray’s career. He wasn’t driving drunk and, as far as I’m aware, didn’t do anything illegal.

        It was a nothing of a story that blew up for no reason other than the fact that the media was apparently bored, or perhaps just doesn’t like the guy.

        RyansTake   @   Tue 13 Nov 12:07 PM
  4. Under the State's Constitution Bristol County....

    elects the replacement Lt. Governor.

    Hampshire County does the same for Auditor, Franklin County for A.G. I’m not sure who does treasurer. Dukes County elects a Secretary of State if that were to happen

    Really Mike , you couldn’t have looked that up?

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Fri 9 Nov 10:20 PM
    • REally EB3 - We cannot speculate about how the chairs would shift???

      if Deval left a vacancy.

      This site does encourage political discussion, not that rancid claptrap of a Misogynistic/Homophobic garbage you pollute this site with (e.g. The Mayor at Brigham and Women’s).

      I could have looked it up but I was using it a springboard for discussion about the future of Tim Murray, Therese Murray and Steve Grossman.

      Wow, you truly are a petty vindictive trollish little Homunculus, aren’t you.

      • Hey Mike-Cotex, you forgot..

        a question mark, “?” at the end of your last comment.

        Though you’d want to know. I proof read my stuff. That’s why you never see any mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

        You could learn a lot from me Mike. So I’ll always be there for you bro, always.

        Peace out.

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Mon 12 Nov 8:34 PM
      • please do not feed the homunculus...

        … let him be and he’ll eventually wander off.

  5. It's hard not speculate, but

    it still seems unlikely to me that Patrick will leave before his term is up. Yes, he went to DC for dinner with Barack and Michelle. But he was a national co-chair and they’ve been friends for a long time, so that’s unsurprising. As recently as yesterday, Patrick again reiterated that he’s not leaving his current job early.

  6. Cabinet?

    Which position would Patrick be unquestionably qualified to fill?

    • I would think all cabinet positions

      would be open to a twice elected Governor of a Blue State. I think John Kerry would do well in almost any position in the cabinet. I think the more revealing question is, “What Cabinet Position is he not qualified for?” IMHO, I do not believe he is unqualified for any cabinet position, nor do I believe that simply because the obstructionist Rethuglicans will oppose anyone with a pulse, that alone does not make them unqualified.

    • He's been mentioned for Attorney General.

      You may recall he previously served as Assistant AG for Civil Rights. With Kerry on the short list for State I doubt two high-profile appointments go to the same state, however.

      • Wrong

        Washington Post says Kerry for Defence, not State. Apparently Obama wants a fight for Susan Rice. Either way MA will need to elect a new Senator soon as we may have the awkward possibility of Brown and Warren serving side by side. Brown in a special election against any of the Reps, Coakley or Grossman would be a horse race. Against Deval and an outside the box candidate like Maddow I think he’d have a harder time.

        • I dream of Maddow in the US Senate, but...

          as she’s made very, very, very clear on her show — and full-page ads she’s taken out in the Boston media — she’s just not interested.

          RyansTake   @   Tue 13 Nov 12:11 PM
          • Wasn't Sherman esque

            That was for browns seat, not Kerry. And we could draft her too. For the record I think she I smarter than 90% of the Senate and would rock that house. But arguably she has a bigger platform where she is.

            • She clearly

              has a bigger platform where she is. She’d clean up in Cambridge and Northampton, but get clobbered in the 495 belt. I hate to say it, but I just don’t see such a young person and, unfortunately, a young lesbian, winning against a Scott Brown at this moment. Especially with four years’ worth of TV shows for opposition research to go through.

              She’s also got a real local cred problem. She’s got the farmhouse and used to really live in Western Mass. but is from California and now spends most of her time doing the show in NYC.

              • She still lives in Mass

                She splits her time fairly evenly between NY for her work and MA, which takes a lot of devotion to the Bay State, as far as I’m concerned…. given how much of a commute that would be. So, I don’t really see a ‘local cred’ problem.

                I don’t think she’s particularly young. I can’t remember it, but I laughed at some point in this election when a quote was floated around the media/blogs that ‘only in politics is 40 considered young,’ which is just about Maddow’s age.

                The opp research would be a real issue, probably doubly so for her older stuff on the radio, when I bet she wasn’t watching what she said anywhere near as carefully as she now is on the most important block of a major network’s cable news show. That said, I’ll never underestimate the Massachusetts Republicans when it comes to continually harping on issues that mean nothing to 60-75% of the voting public, and only their base will actually give a damn about in the end.

                All of that is to say I think Rachel Maddow could certainly win it, if she wanted to run. But she’s made it clear she just isn’t interested — no matter how heavily she’s drafted by the grassroots or even the well connected. It’s a fantasy, and not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

                RyansTake   @   Wed 14 Nov 1:02 AM

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