Whitey Bulger et al. Boston’s Old News Types on Wrong Side of History, New News Types Missing Opportunity

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I’ve been reading with great interest The Trial of Whitey Bulger blog by retired Norfolk prosecutor Matt Connolly. His knowledge of the facts and his professional experience from working on aspects of the mess that hit Norfolk County and attending the John Connolly murder trial in Florida makes him one of the most knowledgable persons on the subject.

The sub-title of his blog is “A Former Prosecutor’s View and Analysis of the Whitey Bulger Trial, his Life, and the F.B.I.”

He’s written a book on John Connolly (no relation I believe) and makes the case that he is a pawn used by the feds to keep their house of cards from falling.  He is writing another on Whitey’s trial and his daily blog posts are part of that work.

Based on the facts he presents (many times with links) we get a much different view than the narrative we have been spoon fed over many years.

With the information and contrary opinion (Deborah Hussey’s brother is not the only opinion fellas) so easily accessible  it’s inconceivable for anyone in the media to discuss or write about the case without an understanding of Matt Connolly’s point of view and the facts he relies on in support.

Among the many issues reported and chronicled on the site are the selected facts and misinterpretations continuously reported, especially by the Globe and the books penned by its reporters. Connolly shows the quid-pro-quo between the feds and the Globe and the mutual benefits each received by unethically and in some cases immorally deceiving the public in my opinion.

This is one of many questions raised by Connolly, but the one playing out now is the rush to try Bulger and the absolute abuse of process getting us there. One of Connolly’s best points as he questions seriously flawed pre-trial rulings is that no U.S. Appeals Court will flip anything from a Whitey Bulger conviction.

Yeah, I’ve always known appeals courts are result oriented, but this statement added with the abuses in prosecution, the illegal doings of federal investigators, and unethical line crossings of the judicial and executive has me in a funk.

It’s like why bother? They just laugh at us. All of us. The people driving to and from work everyday to their non-powerful jobs. And nobody has power like they do. These guys are 21st century Masters of the Universe because they know they can pick a name out of the telephone book and seriously mess up some lives.

It seems this ilk is prevailing in the Justice Department. Perhaps even some in the federal judiciary are subconsciously afraid of provoking the wrath of our federal police?

The John Connolly situation is gut wrenching. To know what is going on in Florida with his murder case would make you throw-up. Thanks to Matt Connolly I’m aware of it and will make BMGers aware of it in the future.

The rush is to put this all behind them without the shit really hitting the fan. The more people have time to think about it and the more the Matt Connolly’s of the world will make sense.

Sooo all you wannabe Woodward and Bernsteins out there this is the place to be. Corruption in the federal government. That’s what Watergate was and it started with a simple break-in. This is just murder.

But the cover-up my friends. The cover-up.

Who will expose this? The Globe? Of course not, they’re in on it whether they know it or not.

But then most journalists today believe making a name for themselves is finding a low hanging fruit poor schmoe and beating him or her until no breath is heard.

Just like the feds want it. Keep eyes away from them.

Sorry to tell all you journalists this, but it takes hard work to get real stories. Getting off you ass and coming up with something. And sticking to it.No one is going to hand it to you.

You know what I suggest you do? Go home and rent All the President’s Men on your Net Flix or HuLu or Telemundo, I don’t care. Watch it and see how many dead ends they hit before finding pay dirt.

You kids today, don’t get me going, why in my day…..blah blah….blah.

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