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Day December 3, 2012

Shaheen Amendment a Test for Scott Brown

Just got this email from New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen:   “Every day, more than 400,000 servicewomen risk their lives in defense of our country and our ideals. For that, they should be honored. Tragically, right now, they’re being denied respect, care, and basic dignity. Each year, an estimated 19,000 of our servicewomen, who make the greatest sacrifice anyone can make, are victims of sexual assault. And yet they are denied insurance coverage for abortions even in cases of rape and incest. We can’t let this continue. My amendment to give these women the coverage they deserve is in the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act. The final vote could come as soon as this week and we have to make sure it’s not stripped. We just found out there’s going to be a cloture vote at 5:30 today on the National Defense Authorization Act, which contains Jeanne’s amendment to right this wrong

Elizabeth Warren Names Senior Staff – More thank you events

Well it’s official. Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren has named her Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and State Director. Congratulations to Mindy Myers, Dan Geldon and Roger Lau. I know Mindy and Dan primarily through my work with them on the Warren campaign. Roger and I have worked on many campaigns together for many years, mostly since 2006. Roger and I have worked together for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nike Tsongas, Mike Capuano, Richie Neal, Geraldo Alicea and Ayanna Pressley are the campaigns that come to my mind.  When he was on staff for John Kerry on the non-campaign Senate side he was always very responsive and accessible. For the record I am a huge fan of Roger. And he is a BMGer.

Mass Inspector General J. Edgar Cunha: We Got Ourselves A Madman Here?

So this new ignorant, clueless, narcissistic, guns a blazin’, Massachusetts Inspector General Glenn A. Cunha is asking  for an amendment in the supplemental budget giving him subpoena powers? What? That can’t be right.  But oh it is my friends. Quick reminder on legislative procedure. The legislature is out of session until next year. There are no more hearings, no more anything. Anything brought before the House can be stopped by one vote. Things do get done. Less important things like a bridge naming. Supplemental budgets also must get done. They’re always needed to keep things going until new legislature get down to business the first of the year. Because one vote can stop it from going forward they are usually benign and done with consent of Republicans. These are “informal sessions” as opposed to “formal sessions”. You see? J. Edgar Cunha, the head of the agency that is tasked with shining light on government is playing cutezie the tenth degree. Sneak in a budget amendment giving him the most powerful legal tool available. One given only after thoughtful deliberations and debate. After decision makers (reps, seantors, and governor) are given an opportunity to digest the relevant information after it is collected […]

Who’s afraid of Scott Brown?

I for one most definitely am not!  There has as we all know been speculation lately that Senator Kerry might get a cabinet appointment, either State or Defense.  It seems that Susan Rice may actually be the President’s preference for State, but one theory circulating is that the reason Republicans are being so hard on her is to force the appointment of John Kerry instead.  This would trigger a special election for which Scott Brown could run and win. It bugs me no end that even so many Democrats I’ve heard from seem to be buying the Scott Brown hype.  Yes, he has said he would consider such a race.  Yes, he would be a formidable candidate.  However, we have beaten him once and I’m confident we’ve learned lessons from the last special election.  Massachusetts is still one of the bluest states in the union and I submit the Democratic Party is still the default position.  Even if we have a hotly contested primary we’ve had practice coming together.  John Walsh certainly knows what he is doing regarding getting out our message and vote.  We will have to work for it to be sure, but can we PLEASE stop sounding […]