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Day December 5, 2012

Menino nails it.

Buried in the middle of a short article on page 3 of section B of Tuesday’s Boston Globe are some quotes from a letter sent from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital by Boston Mayor Menino to Barack Obama and John Boehner. The article starts out by saying that he was urging them to keep the country from going off the fiscal cliff and not to cut health spending. When I read that, I figured this was another piece of mush. But for some reason I kept on reading. Here are the actual quotes: “…tell us the truth, especially on taxes. “Brian, my nurse, doesn’t come to my room in the morning to say, ‘Mayor, if you just sit here, unburdened by taxing exercises, free from our rehab rules and regulations, you will get stronger.’ He tells it like it is. You can, too. “…tell those who can do more, to do more. In a hospital, it gets real clear real fast about what real fortune is. We need more ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ and less, dare I say, ‘I built that.’” Mayor Menino, although a fundamentally decent person, has often been a disappointment as a leader. But […]

Framingham, Lowell and Lynn Events with Elizabeth Warren – Holiday Party at Kate’s

The thank you tour continues with events in Framingham, Lynn and Lowell scheduled for Saturday. Watch the Elizabeth Warren event page on her website for details on future events. Saturday, December 8, 12:30 PM Nevins Hall, Framingham’s Memorial Building (Town Hall) 150 Concord St, downtown Framingham Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:00 PM Tatiana’s Restaurant, 70 Market Street Lynn Saturday, December 8, 2012 5:30 PM Hookslide Kelly’s, 19 Merrimack Street, Lowell I went to the event in Worcester last Saturday. People lined up to have photos taken with Elizabeth Warren. She stayed until every single person who wanted a photo got one. It was a great event! I know a little bit about the Framingham event. Congressman Markey and other elected officials will be at the event. I am a big fan of Nevins Hall. It’s an historic place with character. As I mentioned before, you’re all invited to a holiday party at my place. I’m thrilled at the number of elected officials who are planning on attending. I have confirmations from Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, Treasurer Steve Grossman, Auditor Suzanne Bump.Congressman Jim McGovern and Party Chair John Walsh. Secretary Bill Galvin hopes to attend. Senators Jamie Eldridge, Sal DiDomenico and Ben Downing, […]

RIP, Dave Brubeck

Among my many flaws, I am a piano player. The world of music lost a great one today.

Cease paychecks for congress

I love this idea

Bids for City Stenographer next year at Boston City Council… Consider qualified bids that include a) New Scopist technology, b) new scopist software, c) Closed Captioning for folks with hearing loss, d) Open government principles. Plover, the Open Source Steno Program Ideas on developing free, open source stenographic software

Read the stenographic record of the public meetings of Boston City Council

More complete than minutes, read the stenographic record of the public meetings of Boston City Council. Request the stenographic record .sgstn stenograph stenonote files via