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Day December 7, 2012

Prosecutions and Talked About Prosecutions and Next Governor and Next U.S. Attorney General and Globe and Carmen “Annie Dookhan” Ortiz: Way Too Much Happening Right Now. I Need the Hyperactive Kid Drug to Stay Focused

The Cahill jury is out for the weekend after four days chewing on this thing. All I know is what I’ve read in the papers, which means shit, but, if the jury follows the letter of the law they will come back with guilties. However, the jury also knows that if they follow the letter of the law than any elected official with a budget and discretion can be found guilty at anytime for allowing political influences to affect expenditures. Hiring decisions alone could get a guy life with “on and after” years. The law, passed in haste last year as a knee jerk reaction to Sal DiMasi coupled with the unbending rule of not slowing down the casino bill, is vague and overly broad. A Cahill conviction could be vacated on appeal. As that’s going on Carmen Ortiz has been zealously investigating legislators from both branches for recommending jobs for people who may have or may not have donated to their campaigns. Based on legal fees reported in campaign finance reports and other indicators it is widely believed that Senate President Murray and Speaker Deleo’s lawyers are fighting hard to keep them from being indicted. No secret there.

Weekly Joke Revue: Boehner: Obama Needs to Stop Acting Like He Won the Election

Borowitz: Boehner: Obama Needs to Stop Acting Like He Won the Election WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Tensions over the so-called fiscal cliff reached a boiling point today as House Speaker John Boehner accused President Obama of acting like he won the November election. “Our message is clear: Mr. President, we are ready to negotiate with you,” Mr. Boehner told reporters. “But this nonsense of acting like you won the election has got to stop.” Lashing out at Mr. Obama’s “delusional arrogance,” Mr. Boehner added, “I don’t know what planet he thinks he won an election on, but this whole ‘the American people elected me’ act is getting a little old.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell echoed Mr. Boehner’s sentiments, stating, “The President’s budget proposal sounds like the ravings of a man who thinks he won fifty-one per cent of the popular vote and three hundred and thirty-two electoral votes. When he decides it’s finally time to return to Realityville, he knows where to find us.” … “That business about raising taxes on the rich was—pardon my French—freaking hilarious,” Sen. McConnell said. “I’m glad that losing the election hasn’t made the President lose his sense of humor.” Kurtzman: “The CEO of The […]

Are Governor Deval Patrick and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz Attempting to Obstruct Justice? Is The White House? Congressional Hearings Needed

I read the Globe today and for a brief second I thought I was reading The Onion. Then in the same instance I started to confuse Pearl Harbor Day with April’s Fool Day. Like the satirical Onion stories the joke here could be told in the headline and further laughs sprinkled through the story. With this in mind here is the headline I would have written for this Frank Phillips gem Deval Patrick seeks endorsement for U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz From Senate President Murray and House Speaker DeLeo Why? Well here the first paragraph of the Globe’s story: In a recent private meeting, the House speaker and Senate president were stunned when Governor Deval Patrick – according to a person briefed on the conversation – raised the prospect of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz running for governor and spoke favorably of the prosecutor whose probation investigation has rattled the Legislature. According to the person, Patrick said the federal prosecutor had a great story to tell about her successful legal career and left the impression he was suggesting the two should meet her. Allow me to put this in perspective. Suppose my buddy Dan Conley started investigating some Boston city councillors. Who knows […]

Sincere Apologies to BMGer Bob Gardner

Dude, I really thought you were someone else. Sorry for so much disrespect. Turns our Bob is a retired postal worker from Randolph who asked me legitimate questions re: the Inspector General outrageous power grab and I went all Ernie on him. Yesterday Bob pointed out what a wuss I am for hiding behind anonymity well he puts his name out there front and center. He then added the Randolph and postal worker part. The guy’s the real thing. Sorry Bob

Democratic Dispatch December 7

Here’s this week’s Dispatch. Subscribe by sending an e-mail to Elizabeth Warren’s thank you tour continues. This Saturday events are in Framingham, Lynn and Lowell. I went to the event in Worcester last Saturday. People lined up to have photos taken with Elizabeth Warren. She stayed until every single person who wanted a photo got one. It was a great event! I know a little bit about the Framingham event. Congressman Markey and other elected officials will be there. I am a big fan of Nevins Hall. It is an historic place with character. For details on future events watch the Elizabeth Warren event page on her website . One last reminder about the holiday party at my home this Sunday. It’s a football friendly, family friendly open house with people coming and going throughout the afternoon. I have confirmations from Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, Treasurer Steve Grossman, Auditor Suzanne Bump.Congressman Jim McGovern and Party Chair John Walsh. Secretary Bill Galvin hopes to attend. Senators Jamie Eldridge, Sal DiDomenico and Ben Downing, as well as Representatives Kate Hogan, Tom Sannicandro, Carolyn Dykema and Jen Benson and Representatives-elect Danielle Gregoire and Jeff Roy, along with Governors […]

Senate loses a tea partier; Heritage Foundation loses whatever credibility it had left

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) took his colleagues by surprise today when he announced that he is resigning from the US Senate to take over as president of the Heritage Foundation. This is good news on both fronts, IMHO.  Certainly, the Senate will be a better place without DeMint, whose extreme brand of wingnuttery did much to enhance the Senate’s dysfunction – the NYT reports that “[p]rivately, so as not to inflame him, several Republicans also said Mr. DeMint’s departure would produce few tears among them.”  But this development should also make it clear to those journalists who in the past have looked to the Heritage Foundation for the “respectable” conservative side of things that they really should look elsewhere. It’s also good news for DeMint. The job switch should have substantial financial benefits for Mr. DeMint, whose 2010 net worth, $65,000, was among the lowest in the Senate. Edwin J. Feulner, the current head of the foundation, in 2010 earned $1,098,612 in total compensation. Say no more!