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Scott Brown can’t seem to help making news even as his last days as a U.S. Senator dwindle down.  He thinks he saw a proposal from the pres (as he writes) for the fiscal cliff:

I waited until I saw it posted in more than one place to believe it and here it is:

I looked to see if it was on but not so far.  How they hate to write a bad, if true, word about our hallucinating hometown boy.  I guess we’ll have to keep track.

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  1. Maybe he heard it in a secret meeting with Kings and Queens?

    There’s no telling what them voices are a-tellin’ Scotty.

  2. Trying to Grandstand?

    Yep. He’s running (unless he keeps screwing up.)

  3. leave the poor guy alone ...

    but if you want to read some funny tweets:

    Hope Scott Brown’s airfare is refundable.

    The Mayan Calendar actually ends on Dec. 31 #ScottBrownReports

    Ha! “@JamilSmith: Why did President Obama leave Hawaii, exactly? I mean, other than to confuse Scott Brown?”

    Can’t think of a better way for Scott to finish the year. What a DB.

  4. Bigger than Brown

    While we enjoy the waning performance of Scott Brown’s parody of a US Senator, let’s not overlook the talking points crafted and promulgated by Mitch McConnell,

    “Last night, the President called me to say he would finally be proposing a package to avoid the cliff and I agreed to review it. The President is the first Democrat to reach out to at least propose legislation.”

    The rest of the conscious American public (Scott Brown is recused from that demographic) and global observers might be confused and wonder if McConnell misspoke? We all know that this is NOT the President’s first proposal regarding the national debt and the self-imposed Congressional “fiscal cliff.” With no signs of a retraction on the part of McConnell, one might also conclude that it was a deliberate fabrication to suggest-along with other right wing talkies – that President Obama has not been engaged with the critical issue of the United States’ fiscal solvency until………today.


    The headline in the updated HufffPo story on Scotty.
    Gotta love it when our own senator makes national news, but no one in Boston covers it.
    Are you there Mr. McGrory?

  6. Random activity

    It’s just more Brownian Motion. Due to unregulated activity in his cranium, random things come out of his mouth at irregular intervals.

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