Capuano, Tierney Join 500+ to Rally Against Fiscal Cliff Cuts

With the fiscal cliff looming, Congressmen Mike Capuano (D-Boston) and John Tierney (D-Salem) yesterday kicked off a major rally against potential cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall. The event, which drew a crowd of more than 500 Bay State seniors, workers and healthcare advocates, marked a nationwide day of action calling for new revenue and investments in job creation as key components of a potential deal on the fiscal cliff.

Following remarks from Capuano and Tierney, Massachusetts residents amongst the most likely to be impacted by cuts to vital federal programs spoke out about what these cuts would mean in their lives. Among them were local seniors, healthcare providers and unemployed workers.

There’s a lot at stake for the people of Massachusetts in the upcoming debates, and the vital services that many seniors and working families depend on are on the line.

“These services are so critical to helping people like me get back to work, and they’re also incredibly important to the people I now work with every day,” said Charlene Saulnier, a West Medford nurse who serves low-income seniors. “That’s why we’re here today, calling on our senators to preserve funding for these programs. We need champions for our families and seniors.”

It’s up to all of us to keep up the pressure on our elected officials over the coming weeks, and ensure that we have those champions on our side. Call 1-888-979-7518 to be connected to your member of Congress TODAY.


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  1. Thanks Mike Capuano!

    We need more voices out there!

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