Cease paychecks for congress

I love this idea




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  1. I don't.

    It’s gimmicky. The parties ARE after all still working on this and other things. Plus this is one of many petitions on that website that are basically venting outlets over which WH has no control. Constitutionally the Congress sets its own salary so good luck with that. Per the 27th amendment any change can’t take place until after the next election.

  2. What happens when...

    …enough Americans sign a petition to cease paying congress until every American gets a pony??

    But even more dangerous is the idea that, as TS Eliot says…

    They constantly try to escape
    From the darkness outside and within
    By dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.
    But the man that is will shadow
    The man that pretends to be.
    —T. S. Eliot, “Choruses from ‘The Rock’”

    To some extent the “fiscal cliff” and this paycheck hostage taking is the same kind of reasoning: Implement some externality to force us to do what we know we ought to do anyways. Hows about we just be good?

  3. Nothing happens

    The only thing WH has promised is a response for 25000 signatures, but not necessarily a response the petitioners will like. I’m sure there are plenty for which they will find a tactful way of responding in effect the petitioners are nuts.

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