Christmas Day Open Thread – Predictions for next year?

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It has been my custom for the past several years (2009, 2010 and 2011), to have a Christmas Day open thread. It’s a chance for those who choose not to celebrate to share their thoughts here. Or if you have a low key celebration and want to connect with others. It’s past Festivus, but grievances can be aired.

Discussions of how you observe or don’t observe the holiday are welcome. One friend mentioned her preparation for a “Jews and Orphans” celebration. Some of us try to keep the celebrations low key for a variety of reasons: minimizing carbon footprint, concerns about about commercialization, etc.  Others simply want to reduce the stress that the holidays create for so many people.

I love Christmas as a family holiday and a time to gather and celebrate. But I don’t like  the unrealistic expectations and the consumerism, especially for children. More so than any other holiday, it highlights the socioeconomic differences in our society.

Moving on. I’m interested in predictions for the new year. In a few days I’m heading to an annual gathering of political friends at which it is our custom to make predictions. There is much fodder for our prediction game. Interim appointment? Candidates for senate? Constitutional officers for 2012?

It’s an open thread. Talk about whatever is on your mind.



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  1. Santa Claus and Children

    One of the many challenges around the holidays are the concerns for people raising children in a no Santa Claus environment. I recall a group of three of us chatting about the issues such as well meaning people asking your child what Santa is bringing him or her for Christmas. One woman was the wife of an Episcopalian minister wanting to keep the holiday focused on the religious aspects. A Jewish friend did not celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Christmas but chose for a number of reasons not to tell my child that a stranger would come down the chimney and leave gifts.

    • Different ways of celebrating/people that work

      Went to two church services with my fiancées family (also a new development her saying yes was the only present I needed). One was a midnight service in Tagalog and her family and friends waited until close to 3am to open gifts, but it was a lot of fun. Pancit, adobo, and Filipino ham instead if ma’s lasagna and meatballs (but luckily that’s my dinner tonight). Also as a Catholic I never really realized how hard Christmas is in clergy. But my future father in law had three services and couldn’t spend time with his family until early Christmas morning. I suspect it must be a lonelier holiday for the priests in my denomination as well. Had to get asthma medication for the fiancée as well and I appreciate all the Walgreens employers at the 24 hr stores that stay open. The lady at Target said they were open until 9am, which seemed a little absurd (5 or 6pm makes more sense), do maybe progressives and fundamentalists can rally around restoring some blue laws so the working poor can get a deserved day off.

  2. Predictions for Interim Senator

    Barney Frank, John Olver, Scott Harshbarger, Drew O’Brien, Shannon O’Brien, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, Chris Gabrieli, Jonathan Sclarsic and of course David Kravitz. The Duke is out. Who else has been mentioned?

    • Olver best out of that group

      Long House experience, a scientist, would have a Western MA Senator for a few months at least helping that region out. Non controversial and no temptation to run for a full term. He and Frank were both victims of redistricting but he took it better. I like Frank but I believe he has burned too
      many bridges on his farewell tour and wouldn’t have enough time to make an impact. Paul Kirk is my first choice and I like the idea of him being the David Ortiz of the MA delegation: designated interim Senator. Already knows the role well and far too charmless and technocratic to be tempted to abuse his temporary power. Victoria ruled herself out for either already right? I know Duke ruled out appointment and Affleck and Jr won’t seek the seat. I LOVE Affleck against Lynchie to be honest and want to draft that.

  3. People must be busy with the holidays. New Topic

    Fiscal Cliff end game….. What will happen?

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